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Published at 13th of April 2020 02:35:17 PM
Chapter 550: 550

In this situation, their only choice was to take a “crash course . ”

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“No problem! Xiao Wu, I’ll be right back!”

Chaoge rushed out the door in a hurry .

And she ran all the way back home .

The Duan family was a middle-class family . Thanks to the contributions of previous generations, Duan Hongyi, Duan Chaoge’s father, was able to get a position as a fourth-ranked official .

Chaoge was the daughter of a concubine and her mother had long passed away . In this family, she had always been an easy target mocked by everyone .

She had done alright as Feng Wu’s friend back when Feng Wu was still the little genius . But then —

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Feng Wu lost her ability, and because of the poison, Chaoge gained weight and her cultivation level dropped, which led to status declining sharply in the family . Her big brothers and sisters would pick on her all the time .

Especially her two elder sisters Duan Chaoyin and Duan Chaoyue, who enjoyed nothing more than laughing at Chaoge .

Duan Chaoge went back to her room and packed up a few things . She then left a note before heading out .

After all, it made no difference to other people in this family whether she was around or not . No one would notice her even if she didn’t show up for a week .

As for the servants who worked in her courtyard… Well, there was only one maid, who was really an informant of her father’s wife . There was no need to tell that maid anything .

However, it just so happened that Duan Chaoyin and Duan Chaoyin were walking past the gate when Chaoge stepped out .

Duan Chaoyin was the eldest daughter of the family, Duan Chaoyue the second, and Duan Chaoge the third . However, only Chaoge was the daughter of a concubine, whereas the other two were daughters of Duan Hongyi’s wife .

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Duan Chaoyue had sharper eyes and she spotted Chaoge right away .

“Chaoge, where are you going?”

Duan Chaoyin turned around and saw Chaoge with her traveling bag . She frowned and blocked Chaoge’s way .

“Out of my way!” Chaoge frowned .

Duan Chaoyin was displeased . “Are you running away from home now?”

“Why do you even care?”

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Duan Chaoyin snorted . “I couldn’t care less where you’re going, but I do care when you steal our things . ”

“You —” Duan Chaoge glared at her . “There’s nothing worth stealing in my courtyard . Even if there is, you’ve taken it away already!”

“Not necessarily . What if you’ve stolen from our vault?” Duan Chaoyin deliberately tried to enrage Chaoge . “Show me what’s in your bag and we’ll let you go . ”

Duan Chaoyin said those words on purpose, for she knew that Chaoge was easily set off .

As expected —

Chaoge’s cheeks flushed immediately and her eyes went bloodshot red like an infuriated jaguar .

“Do I have to take off my clothes and let you frisk me after you check my bag?” Chaoge smirked .

“Why, I see you’ve learned your lesson . You know the drill well . ”

“You people are outrageous!”

“Yes, we are . What are you going to do about it? Can you fight us? Can you win?” Duan Chaoyin snorted and stared at Chaoge . “Duan Chaoge, you think too highly of yourself!”

Chaoge had reached Level 9 five years ago, which proved that she was very talented herself . However, her cultivation level had only declined in the past few years .

Whereas Duan Chaoyin had surpassed her .

“You know what? I’m a Level 9 Spiritual Master already . Hahahaha —”

Duan Chaoyin, who used to be inferior in her cultivation level, was very satisfied with herself now . “I went to apply for Imperial College today and I’m sure I’ll get into the martial arts department this year . I’ll become an honorable student of Imperial College, whereas you —”

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