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Chapter 549

They were blatantly insulting His Royal Highness; that was just outrageous!

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Zero thought that those two down there had to have a death wish!

Just then, he heard approaching footsteps and a teenage girl came in with nimble movements .

“Xiao Wu —”

Chaoge rushed over to Feng Wu when she saw the latter!


Feng Xiaoqi also dashed at Feng Wu like a cannonball .

Chaoge immediately tried to console Feng Wu . “Xiao Wu, we’re not applying for Imperial College!”

Feng Xiaoqi chimed in, “That’s right! We don’t need it!”

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Chaoge said, “Imperial College isn’t that good anyway! We’ll do better cultivating on our own . ”

Feng Xiaoqi nodded repeatedly . “That’s right! Sister, you’re a much better teacher than any of them!”

Chaoge said, “So, Xiao Wu, don’t be upset . It’s not that we can’t take the exam, we just don’t want to!”

Feng Xiaoqi echoed, “That’s right! We don’t like that place at all!”

Feng Wu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but she was very touched .

These two kids must have thought that she hadn’t gotten the exam permit and thus wouldn’t be able to take the exam . That was why they were saying that the exam wasn’t worthwhile .

It was such a heartwarming move and Feng Wu swore to herself that she would keep these two kids safe forever .

With a wave of Feng Wu’s hands, she flicked both of them in their foreheads .

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“Check this out . ” Feng Wu tossed them two booklets .

Chaoge caught one red booklet, read the cover, and cried out in surprise . “The exam permit!”

She opened it in a hurry and saw that her personal information was recorded in it together with the exam times!


Chaoge almost jumped to her feet and her eyes shone in excitement . “Xiao Wu, is this mine? I can take Imperial College’s entrance exam? I’m only a Level 7! I really can take the exam?”

“Of course . I told you I would make it happen . ” Feng Wu beamed at her .

“Wow! Xiao Wu, you’re amazing! This is amazing!” Chaoge threw her arms around Feng Wu and kissed the latter on the cheek . “I can’t believe this! You’re incredible!”

What was more amazing was that after the stunt that the abominable crown prince had pulled, Feng Wu had still been able to get what she wanted!

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Xiao Wu was… a goddess!

Up in the parasol tree —

Zero held a notebook in one hand and quickly made a sketch with a charcoal crayon .

He didn’t have time to sketch the scene where Feng Xiaoqi and Chaoge had been talking about His Royal Highness behind his back, but was just in time to note down Feng Wu’s satisfied smile .

Feng Wu patted Chaoge on the shoulder . “Well, we can have fifteen minutes to celebrate, and we just did . Now, it’s time to get down to business . ”

“Business?” Chaoge looked puzzled .

Feng Wu jabbed Chaoge’s head with a finger . “You have the permit, but can you pass the exam?”


Chaoge cried out!

She had forgotten about the most important part!

Imperial College’s entrance exam was known as the national exam .

Across the empire, the most talented teenagers under 18 would gather in the imperial capital every year to take the exam .

It was as competitive as ten thousand people squeezing onto a single-log bridge .

“Xiao Wu, I… I… I…” Chaoge was flustered!

She knew she wouldn’t do well in the physical tryout, for she was only a Level 7, and she wouldn’t be able to defeat anyone .

As for the written exam… she would probably do even worse .

“Sob, Xiao Wu —” Chaoge turned to Feng Wu for help . What was she supposed to do now?

Feng Wu rubbed her forehead . “We still have seven days . Don’t panic . Now, go back home and tell them that you’ll be staying at my place for the next seven days . ”

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