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Published at 12th of April 2020 02:15:09 PM
Chapter 548: 548

Qiao Yi looked enlightened .

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That was it .

The girl had pulled some strings .

As for Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu, they must have written her the recommendation letters upon Mr Lu’s request .

She would never be able to get in and they were only doing Mr Lu a favor .

It wasn’t something that hadn’t happened before .

At that thought, Qiao Yi darted a contemptuous look at Feng Wu .

However, Yu Yue remained as friendly as ever, for she liked this beautiful girl, who had kept her composure the entire time .

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Looking at Feng Wu, she said sincerely, “Miss Feng Wu, have you considered the formation or medicine department instead? The martial arts department is probably… not the most suitable choice for you . ”

“Ms Yu Yue, you’re being too vague . You should just tell her that the martial arts department isn’t for her at all! She’ll never be able to get in, and even if she did miraculously get in, she’ll be miserable there!” Qiao Yi smirked .

Of course Feng Wu would have chosen the easy way and gotten into the formation department, if Jun Linyuan hadn’t forced her to get into the martial arts department . She had no choice .

“Plus, the deadline has passed . What you want is… kind of difficult to get . ” Qiao Yi didn’t want to make it easy for Feng Wu .

“I see . So the three recommendation letters mean nothing to you . ” Feng Wu only smiled .

Qiao Yi shuddered at those words .

Mr Lu’s words were as sacred as law here, and Qiao Yi certainly didn’t dare defy them . She had some personal issues with Feng Wu, but she wasn’t stupid .

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“Miss, do you want to have a look at the timestamp on those letters?” Feng Wu reminded her .

Qiao Yi then checked the time, which rendered her speechless, for the letters had been written before the deadline .

Qiao Yi threw a dirty look at Feng Wu . She had no other choice but to give Feng Wu her exam permit .

She was going to give Feng Wu a hard time over Chaoge’s exam permit again, but Yu Yue stopped her .

The Feng clan .

Chaoge was waiting for Feng Wu .

“Sigh —” Chaoge sat at the table and heaved a sigh . She then turned to Feng Xiaoqi . “Xiaoqi, it was so frustrating! We almost had all three letters, but His Royal Highness sabotaged it all! I’m so mad!”

All Feng Xiaoqi cared about was his sister, and guys like His Royal Highness or Yu Mingye were as good as thieves to him .

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He smacked the table at Chaoge’s words!

Chaoge looked at him in bewilderment .

“That’s right!” Feng Xiaoqi looked agitated . “His Royal Highness is the worst! All he ever does is pick on my sister!”

“That’s so true!” Duan Chaoge smacked the table as well . “He doesn’t just pick on her, he threatens her all the time! He’s horrible! Knowing that man is the worst thing that has ever happened to your sister!”

Up in that leafy Chinese parasol tree outside the house —

Chang San had sent one of his men to shadow Feng Wu, for he had realized how much His Royal Highness cared for the young lady… If that was the case, His Royal Highness must want to know what was going on with Miss Feng Wu, right?

His man was known as Zero .

Zero was a member of the imperial guards . He had just gotten here and sat down on a branch —

He then heard the two kids, who had been sighing at each other, begin to smack the table one after another!

And the things they said —

It was treacherous!

Zero felt like crying!

To him, His Royal Highness was as superior and unapproachable as God, but those two lousy kids were saying such nasty things about his master!

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