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Published at 12th of April 2020 02:15:15 PM
Chapter 547

Qiao Yi thought the girl would run away in shame after those words .

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After all, girls her age had very high self-esteem and didn’t take criticism well .

To Qiao Yi’s surprise, the girl not only didn’t run away, she didn’t even blush . Feng Wu just stood there, perfectly composed, and looked at Qiao Yi with her bright, limpid eyes . There was something very attractive about her .

She was already this stunning at such a young age . What would she be like when she grew up? Qiao Yi almost lost control of her jealousy .

Yu Yue was much kinder and she cast a stern glance at Qiao Yi . “Watch your attitude . We teachers should provide education for all people without discrimination . She’s just a girl . You’ll scare her . ”

Feng Wu had left a good impression on Yu Yue . The latter took a liking to Feng Wu and was afraid that Qiao Yi might have intimidated the girl .

However, Feng Wu only handed her three letters .

“What are these?” Yu Yue was bewildered .

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“Don’t tell me you’re going to bribe us now . ” Qiao Yi gave Feng Wu a contemptuous look . “Kiddo, it’ll never work in Imperial College . I’d take that bribe back if I were you . If you get reported for this…”

However, Yu Yue had opened the letters already .

The first one was from Priest Wu, and he had recommended both Feng Wu and Chaoge .

“You’re…” Yu Yue looked at Feng Wu and her eyelids twitched a little .

“Feng Wu . ”

“Feng Wu, aged 13… Feng Wu… It can’t be, can it?!” Yu Yue took Feng Wu’s hand in excitement . “You’re Feng Wu?! The Feng Wu?!”

“Which Feng Wu?” The other teachers found that name familiar, but didn’t recognize it right away .

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“Which one do you think? How many Feng Wus can you find in the imperial capital?” Yu Yue was thrilled . “She’s the genius girl from the Feng clan . ”

Feng Wu the genius girl . All the teachers of Imperial College had heard of that name .

For even Mr Lu had wanted Feng Wu as a student when she was only eight .

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“Your spiritual essence…” Yu Yue felt sorry for Feng Wu .

Everyone knew that Feng Wu had lost her ability .

Feng Wu only smile, but she neither admitted nor denied their assumptions .

Qiao Yi frowned . “That’s past history . She has no spiritual essence whatsoever . Having her here is a waste of our resources!”

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Yu Yue darted a glance at her . “The letter is from Old Master Wu . ”

She then opened the second letter and her pupils contracted . “Th- this is from… Grand Secretary Fang?”


Qiao Yi, who had been frowning, rushed up to Yu Yue, grabbed the recommendation letter, and read it carefully!

It really was from Grand Secretary Fang!

How was that even possible?

Wasn’t the girl a good-for-nothing now? How could she get recommendations from both Old Master Wu and Grand Secretary Fang?

“And there’s a third one…” An idea struck Yu Yue and she opened the letter .

“I- It’s from Mr Lu himself!” Qiao Yi’s eyes opened so wide that her eyeballs bulged out . “That’s impossible! How did you get them?”

Feng Wu frowned . “Do I have to tell you?”

“Yes! Or we won’t be able to verify the authenticity of the letters!” Qiao Yi stared at Feng Wu .

“Alright . ” Feng Wu shrugged . “I know someone who knows Mr Lu . ”

Both Old Man Ba and Jun Linyuan were Mr Lu’s acquaintances, weren’t they? Feng Wu thought that was a legitimate answer . However —

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