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Chapter 539: 539

Feng Wu had no idea about what was going on in Granny Gong’s head, nor did she know about Feng’s suspicions .

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At that moment, her only thought was to strangle Jun Linyuan herself!

How could he do this?

He would tease her, make fun of her, or bully her whenever he felt like it!

She was so frustrated!

Just as Feng Wu was about to crawl out of the hot spring —

She shuddered violently and the fire spiritual energy exploded inside her!

Wait —


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It felt like she would break through as soon as she lost her temper? That was incredible!

There was no time to think . Feng Wu sat back down in the water .

What she didn’t know was that this hot spring had been created by using the essence of the magma extracted from underground, which was then infused with fire spiritual energy .

The concept of a “dragon lode” was brought up when the imperial city was established, and this hot spring sat right where the heart of that “dragon” was located!

One could find the purest and most active fire spiritual energy here!

Feng Wu had gotten one hell of a deal by coming here .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu had no time to think . She sank to the bottom of the pool and sat there cross-legged . Soon, fire spiritual energy flickered and danced around her, reminding one of little fairies .

Time flew by —

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Feng Wu felt a satisfying sensation five minutes later, as if all her pores had opened up .

She had broken through!

She had been a Level 3 Spiritual Grandmaster when she came here, and she was a Level 4 now!

Feng Wu was astonished after the breakthrough .

She didn’t know that was even possible!

She recalled that she had broken through before right as Jun Linyuan pissed her off . She had been furious, but had nowhere to vent her anger . The next thing she knew, she had leveled up .

And it had just happened again . She was mad at Jun Linyuan and she made a breakthrough…

Feng Wu was speechless .

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Being pissed off by Jun Linyuan was a stimulus for her cultivation? What was the reasoning behind that?

Feng Wu was dumbfounded .

Whatever . She had pushed quite a significant amount of toxins out of her body during the breakthrough, so she took off all her clothes, down to her undergarments .

She then quickly washed herself .

Just then, there was a knock at the door .

Feng Wu covered her chest with her arms involuntarily . It couldn’t be Jun Linyuan, could it?

No, it couldn’t be . That fiend would never knock before coming in .

Feng Wu called out, “Who is it?”

Granny Gong’s kind, friendly voice rang out . “It’s me . His Royal Highness left instructions and I’m here to bring you some clothes . ”

Feng Wu was about to get some clothes out of her ring, but she stopped halfway . If she did that, she would expose the secret of her ring .

“Come in . ”

Granny Gong walked in to find Feng Wu submerged in the hot spring with only her head above the water . She looked at Granny Gong with her beautiful eyes .

Only her head was above the water… Was she trying to hide the marks on her body?

“Miss Wu, would you like to come out now? Let me help you get dressed . ”

Feng Wu waved her hands immediately . “No, that won’t be necessary . Granny Gong, please don’t let me keep you . I’m fine by myself . ”

“Then… how about I get Xiangcao here to wait on you?”

“No, I’m fine, really . ” Feng Wu turned her down right away .

Granny Gong took it as a sign of how shy Feng Wu was . At the thought of what had just happened between the girl and His Royal Highness, she smiled . “Of course . Miss Wu, please feel free to do whatever pleases you . I’m going to make some soup with that ten thousand-year-old purple ginseng . Miss Wu, please enjoy the hot spring for as long as you want . It’ll help you get over your fatigue . Take your time . There’s no need to hurry . ”

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