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Published at 7th of April 2020 02:10:14 PM
Chapter 534

Feng Wu was fuming!

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I couldn’t care less about your cultivation level . If you harm my beautiful master in any way, I’m gonna kill you!!!

Feng Wu took a deep breath, then another . Finally, she was able to suppress her anxiety .

Crouching down, Feng Wu looked up at Jun Linyuan in an ingratiating manner . There was a wide grin on her beautiful face . “Your Royal Highness, how can I be of service to you today?”

That was fast…

Feng smacked his forehead .

Satisfied, the crown prince rose to his feet and headed out of the yard .

Feng Wu followed him out immediately .

I’m doing this for my beautiful master! Feng Wu clenched her fists .

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The crown prince’s residence befitted his status . In the busiest part of the city where property prices were exorbitantly high, this residence was so spacious that one could ride a horse around in it .

They walked for about five minutes before Feng Wu started to feel a rise in the temperature .

As if magma was rolling beneath the ground .

A magnificent palace came into view .

Jun Linyuan walked in straightaway and Feng Wu had to follow .

Once inside, Feng Wu felt the hot air on her face .

“It’s so hot here . Is this a subterranean heat? Is there magma beneath us?” The fire spiritual energy inside Feng Wu was stirring and threatening to break free, and Feng Wu had to suppress it .

Jun Linyuan darted a casual glance at her . “Do you know what a dragon lode is?”

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“Isn’t that just a legend?” Feng Wu looked at him eagerly .

Jun Linyuan stood by the hot spring pool and held his arms straight out on both sides .

Feng Wu hesitated . However, as soon as Jun Linyuan looked at her, she forced a smile, ran up to him immediately, and took off Jun Linyuan’s robe off . She then hung it over an exquisite screen .

The robe…

The shirt…

The vest…

If she kept doing this, Jun Linyuan would be naked!

Looking at his muscular chest, Feng Wu could hear the blood rushing into her head and her cheeks felt warm .

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Jun Linyuan had always had brooding eyes . Gazing at Feng Wu, his eyes were as deep as an abyss .

“Satisfied?” Feng Wu took off his white undergarment, then pushed him from behind .

The crown prince glanced at Feng Wu .

“What now?”

That look gave Feng Wu the creeps .

Jun Linyuan said contemptuously, “Are you sure you’re going to wear all those layers in a hot place like this?”

Feng Wu put her arms over her chest and looked alarmed . “I’m very sure!”

Jun Linyuan frowned .

Feng Wu was on the alert . “Hey, don’t get any indecent ideas! I have my boundaries! I’ll scrub your back and no more!”

The crown prince rolled his eyes . “You’re making things up in your head . ”

Feng Wu snorted . “I’m so pretty, no one can guarantee that you won’t try anything . ”

Jun Linyuan smirked . “Prettier than me?”

Feng Wu was shocked! Jun Linyuan, I didn’t know you had this side to you!

Jun Linyuan realized what he had said and had to cough into his hand to cover up his embarrassment .

Somehow, when Feng Wu was around, he couldn’t help but show his true self . What he said wasn’t like him at all .

It was all because of this silly girl .

Darting a glance at Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan beckoned her over . “Come here . ”

Feng Wu inched toward him . “Let me make it very clear: I’ll only scrub you and that’s it!”

Jun Linyuan tossed her a clean bath towel . “Get on with your job . ”

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