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Published at 6th of April 2020 03:05:07 PM
Chapter 533: 533

Did she think he was going to hit her? Jun Linyuan sighed in resignation, then pinched Feng Wu’s smooth cheek .

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He used a little too much strength, which made Feng Wu grimace .

“So, you do feel pain,” the crown prince said coldly .

Feng Wu was exasperated . “None of your business!”

Jun Linyuan chuckled at those words . He gave Feng Wu’s cheek a little squeeze, then said, “Do you think you can just walk away after hitting me, the crown prince? You can’t possibly be that naive . ”

A few steps away, Feng and Granny Gong exchanged looks .

His Royal Highness hadn’t lost control after all .

And Miss Wu was still alive after slapping His Royal Highness…

However, she would still be punished, alright .

Feng tipped Granny Gong the wink .

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Granny Gong smiled bitterly, then stepped out reluctantly . “Your Royal Highness, the hot spring is ready . Shall we…”

The hot spring?

Jun Linyuan shot a quick glance at Granny Gong, then nodded .

Granny Gong was resolute when it came to ensuring that the servants carried out her orders, but she was still fearful of Jun Linyuan .

After that, she gave Feng Wu a warning glance before she promptly left the scene .

However… Feng Wu didn’t understand what Granny Gong meant by that glance .

Jun Linyuan snorted and stared at Feng Wu . “You want to get into Imperial College?”

Despite her anger and grievances, Feng Wu nodded . “Yes . ”

“And registration has closed?”

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“Yes . ”

“Mr Lu wouldn’t make an exception for you?”

Feng Wu looked up abruptly and glowered at Jun Linyuan . “You know perfectly well why Mr Lu didn’t agree!”

Jun Linyuan glanced at Feng Wu arrogantly . “That’s right . I do . ”

So, he was blatantly bullying her .

He couldn’t even be bothered to pretend!

Feng Wu took a deep breath to fight back her anger . Calm down, calm down…

Sitting in a rattan chair on the other side, Jun Linyuan rubbed his chin absentmindedly . “You want to get into Imperial College? I can make that happen . ”

Feng Wu stared at him and waited for him to play his hand .

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Jun Linyuan darted a casual glance at Feng Wu . “Make me happy and I’ll let you register . ”

Feng Wu clenched her fists, took a deep breath, and turned to leave!

Make you happy my ass!

However, she had only taken two steps when she sensed a dense streak of spiritual essence . Turning around involuntarily, Feng Wu took one look and her eyes went bloodshot red!

“The broken star piece?!”

On the table was an exquisite small box that Feng Wu had seen once before . It was none other than that wooden box that contained the broken star piece .

However, the broken star piece was in Jun Linyuan’s hand now .

It was a thin piece that gave off a resplendent light . Dense spiritual essence was coming out of it, which made Feng Wu want to make a breakthrough .

“What are you doing?!”

Seeing that Jun Linyuan was going to consume that piece, Feng Wu grabbed his wrist in a hurry .

“I’m going to consume it,” said Jun Linyuan casually .

Feng Wu: !!!

Jun Linyuan said, “You’re no longer applying for Imperial College, so the deal is off . ”

Feng Wu bellowed, “Stop! Stop it!”

Only the broken star pieces could save her master, and she needed all five pieces!

If Jun Linyuan consumed this one, then her beautiful master… Feng Wu was flustered by that thought .

“Why should I?” Jun Linyuan kept his gaze on Feng Wu and said carelessly, “If I consume it, I’ll be able to level up . ”

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