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Chapter 532

Seeing Feng Wu’s aggressive attitude, Granny Gong smacked her own forehead . Oh no .

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Feng shifted his gaze to her at the same time .

Both of them were speechless .

They knew too well what to expect . Both took a few steps back, hid themselves in the bushes, and stood there facing each other with their heads lowered . They stood very still .

At the same time .

Jun Linyuan looked up and saw Feng Wu charging at him . Before he could react, Feng Wu strode to his side, jumped on him, and wrapped her fingers around his neck!

“Jun Linyuan! Do you have any idea how annoying you are?! Has Chang San lost his mind? You’re the one without a mind!

“You told me to apply for Imperial College, but you’re the one stopping me from registering!

“What on earth do you want? Are you having fun teasing me like this?

“Am I your pet? Something you can play with when you’re happy and kick around when you’re not?!”

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Jun Linyuan thought, “Well, I like to kick you around even when I’m happy . ”

The more Feng Wu thought about it, the angrier and more aggrieved she became . She wanted to throttle this damn crown prince!

Jun Linyuan felt rather diffident when he saw Feng Wu lashing out like this .

“Say it! What do you want?!” Feng Wu straddled Jun Linyuan and tightened her grip, her cheeks flushed with her vexation .

This was such a suggestive position .

He could feel her soft body… and it was such a temptation .

Jun Linyuan followed his instincts . He raised his head and kissed Feng Wu on the mouth .

“Hm —”

Feng Wu was astonished!

Her eyes opened wide and she stared at Jun Linyuan in disbelief!

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She was furious!

How could this happen when she was here to get even with Jun Linyuan? This was unbelievable!

Infuriated, Feng Wu pushed Jun Linyuan away and slapped him hard on the cheek . “Jun Linyuan! What’s your problem?!”


There was the crisp sound of the slap!

Feng and Granny Gong jumped at that sound!Visit on our vipnovel . com

They looked in the direction of the pond in unison —

Taken by surprise, Jun Linyuan was dazed…

Feng Wu released him and quickly fell back .

Feng and Granny Gong were mortified!

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They had never expected Miss Wu to be so bold .

She had slapped none other than Jun Linyuan himself!

Jun . Lin . Yuan!

The most terrifying person in the empire!

Miss Was was so…

Even the calm onlookers Feng and Granny Gong were a little worried now .

For they couldn’t tell what Jun Linyuan would do when he went berserk .

Feng Wu only realized what she had done when she looked into Jun Linyuan’s bloodshot eyes… she turned to flee!

However, the difference in their strength was too significant —

Feng Wu only made it two steps when a pair of long arms clamped around her waist .

Jun Linyuan then pinned her down on the low table!


They landed hard on the table .

Both were infuriated, both glared at each other, and both were panting .

Feng Wu glowered in exasperation, and her unblinking gaze reminded Jun Linyuan of a fierce she-tiger .

Recalling how he had bullied and oppressed her, while she had no way to fight back… She grew all the more aggrieved and tears welled up in her eyes .

But she only bit her lower lip stubbornly and went on glaring at Jun Linyuan . She refused to give in!

Jun Linyuan’s face was livid . However, when he saw the tears in Feng Wu’s eyes, his anger gradually disappeared… It was replaced by an emotion that could be called pity .

When Jun Linyuan’s big hand landed on Feng Wu’s head, her long eyelashes quivered .

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