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Chapter 531: 531

“I think she’s a silly girl, and I teased her a bit . That’s all . Do you seriously think I’m in love with her? Have you lost your mind?!”

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Chang San was completely at a loss .

Feng Wu charged into the crown prince’s residence in a fury .

Had this been some other day, Feng Wu would have been stopped at the gate . However, after Granny Gong’s reorganization, everyone in the residence realized Feng Wu’s importance now .

Even those who hadn’t met Feng Wu in person made sure that they studied her portrait until they could remember her face, fearing that they might accidentally offend her and die a miserable death .

Hence, when Feng Wu arrived outside the front gate of the residence —

She thought that they were going to give her a hard time . As a matter of fact, she was prepared for it . However —

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The guard almost jumped to his feet as soon as he spotted Feng Wu!

“Miss Wu! Miss Wu is here! Quickly! You people, move! Go tell Mr Feng and Granny Gong and everyone in the residence! Red alert!”

The news seemed to take flight and travelled to all corners of the residence in no time .

At that moment, Granny Gong was working in the residence with dozens of maids and she was telling them off . It was rather intense and no one dared go near them .

Those getting excoriated were the same ones that used to work under Granny Yu .

The guard rushed into the courtyard at that moment and whispered something to Granny Gong’s maid .

The young maid was called Xiangcao and her eyes lit up as soon as she heard the news!

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She decided that it couldn’t be delayed further, so she quickly went up to Granny Gong and whispered into her ear .

“Miss Wu is here?!” Granny Gong, who had looked so stern only seconds ago, smiled wholeheartedly . She forgot about those maids right away and hurried off . “Where? Where is Miss Wu? Have you welcomed her in? Is tea ready? What about the clean towel for her to clean her hands? And…”

Granny Gong ran so fast that Xiangcao had a hard time catching up with her .

Outside, Feng Wu stood there, bewildered, as the guard disappeared into the house .

Did she have that terrifying a face?

Feng Wu had yet to figure out what was going on when Granny Gong rushed out . “Oh my, Miss Wu, it’s you! Come in, come in . You’re such a rare guest . We’re so glad to see you here . Here’s a warm towel for you to clean your hands . And please have some fragrant pine tea…”

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Granny Gong couldn’t be any more enthusiastic and hospitable .

As the saying went, don’t slap a smiling face . After seeing Granny Gong’s benevolent countenance and enjoying her considerate hospitality, Feng Wu was greatly appeased .

“Where’s Jun Linyuan?” Feng Wu took a deep breath .

Granny Gong was great at reading faces . One look at Feng Wu’s face and she knew that Miss Wu was mad . Moreover, it had to be something to do with His Royal Highness .

Recalling how proud His Royal Highness was and how unbending Miss Wu could be, Granny Gong felt at her wits’ end…

Granny Gong said, “His Royal Highness is by the pond . How about —”

“I can get there myself . ”

Feng Wu then headed straight for the pond, while Granny Gong followed her closely .

Meanwhile, the crown prince was telling Chang San off .

“I think she’s a silly girl, and I teased her a bit . That’s all . Do you seriously think I’m in love with her? Have you lost your mind?!”

Feng rubbed his forehead and looked up at the sky .

Chang San looked from Jun Linyuan to Feng . Which one was he supposed to listen to now?

“Jun Linyuan, you’re the one who lost his mind!” Feng Wu walked out from behind a tree and glared at Jun Linyuan!

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