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Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Young Elder Brother Yu……

Yu Ming Ye unexpectedly——

After he lifted Feng Wu high in the air, he even rotated his right hand!

It’s as if he wasn’t lifting a person in his hand, but rather a handkerchief! The kind of handkerchief spinning in popular rural folk dances!*

(*TN: These dance handkerchiefs could be spun in the hand so that they flare out and spun in circles like a spinning plate.)

Rotating, spinning, whirling——

Moreover, the rotating speed was faster and faster!

Faster and faster!

Feng Wu practically wanted to throw up!

Not the throwing up blood kind of throwing up, she really, truly was dizzy and nauseated and wanted to throw up!

This Yu Ming Ye——

“Yu Ming Ye, you idiot!” Feng Wu retched out loud. “Speak properly if there’s anything to say, hurry and put me down!”

Hearing Feng Wu’s flustered and

exasperated voice, Yu Ming Ye’s heart became even more pleased with himself, humph, this ugly girl played with him, and surprisingly still dared to threaten him? Not listening!

Thereupon, the movement from his hand became even faster.

Feng Wu simply wanted to cry!

She understood at once that this person, Yu Ming Ye, wouldn’t respond to firm methods. This being the case, she could only use soft methods on him.

“Young Elder Brother Yu, you’re the best, you surely won’t bully girls, right? I, I’m truly going to throw up soon, Elder Brother Yu……” Feng Wu yelled ‘Young Elder Brother Yu’ so sweetly she truly was going to throw up.

Once Yu Ming Ye heard this tender voice that was as sweet as honey, even though he didn’t want to admit it, his heart became soft.

This ugly girl, besides her

her pretty eyes, her voice was also incredible, casting a tender spell, simply made a person’s heart melt, wishing that he could walk through fire for her sake.

Ptui pah ptoo! He unexpectedly had that kind of thought about this ugly girl? That’s insane!

Yu Ming Ye quickly discarded the thoughts that suddenly emerged in his brain!

He coughed twice softly and stopped spinning Feng Wu around in his hand. “Do you know what you’ve done wrong now?”

Feng Wu ‘mm hm, mm hm, mm hm’ nodded wildly, her expression was simply irresistibly cute. “Young Elder Brother Yu……I was truly wrong, I know I was wrong now.”

Seeing such an obedient appearance from the little girl, Yu Ming Ye was immensely pleased with himself inside, but his face still deliberately pretended. “Were you wrong?”

Feng Wu was actually quite anxious in her

in her heart.

Yu Ming Ye could catch up to her here, which meant that Jun Lin Yuan, Feng Xun and the rest of them undoubtedly will also very quickly catch up to them here. She could be flexible with Yu Ming Ye, however, facing Jun Lin Yuan and Feng Xun……once she thought of this, she felt a kind of confused awkwardness.

That’s why, Feng Wu psyched herself up to use her full strength to deal with Yu Ming Ye, in order to escape quickly.

Thereupon, she very naively, very innocently asked. “Young Elder Brother Yu… it possible……to first put me down?”

The little person in Yu Ming Ye’s heart put his hands on his hips and laughed his head off. [Haha ha, little girl, look at how unbridled you were previously, yet aren’t you still caught by me, unable to me, unable to move a single step. Don’t you still have to obediently beg me?]

“Not releasing you!” Yu Ming Ye proudly refused.

Feng Wu was so angry she made a fist, but she still silently inhaled a mouthful of air, and swallowed this mouthful of air down.

“Doesn’t Young Elder Brother Yu want the Immortal Spirit Fruit’s juice?” Feng Wu fished out a white porcelain bottle from her bosom, and shook it a bit in her hand. “ The thing is here, so why don’t Young Elder Brother Yu take it.”

Yu Ming Ye discreetly laughed coldly. This terrified girl. He even thought that her temperament would be very stubborn. In the end, he didn’t even need to ask, and she already personally handed over the stuff. Tch tch——

Just when Yu Ming Ye extended his hand to take it, suddenly….!

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