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Chapter 525
Chapter 525: Mr Principal

“I’m sure you’ll like her!” Priest Wu said cheerfully .

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Mr Lu snorted . Not necessarily .

Just as Grand Secretary Fang was about to send for Feng Wu —

Footsteps came from outside .

The young servant entered the room and said in a low voice, “Miss Feng Wu is here…”

Mr Lu threw a dirty look at Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu . “I see you came prepared . ”

Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu rubbed their chins .

They had told Xiao Wu to stay behind, but she had still come . However, the timing was perfect .

Feng Wu walked in with Chaoge .

Mr Lu stared at Feng Wu with eyes as cold and deep as a dark abyss .

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It was rather terrifying .

Chaoge shuddered and hid behind Feng Wu .

However, Feng Wu had kept her composure since entering the room . She was graceful, undisturbed, and completely unaffected by Mr Lu’s aura .

Mr Lu looked confused . Why did this girl look familiar?

“And you are?”

“Mr Lu, my name is Feng Wu,” Feng Wu replied .

Chaoge shuddered, then followed suit . “I’m Duan Chaoge . ”

This man was the head of Imperial College, whose superiority was second only to the emperor . Even Chaoge’s grandfather couldn’t get an audience with this man… Chaoge was so excited!

Mr Lu was rather surprised . Wasn’t the girl afraid of him at all?

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Priest Wu said in a hurry, “She’s the one . She’s as advanced in her formation skills as one can be, but her cultivation level is not as satisfying . ”

Mr Lu darted a look at Priest Wu .

Not as satisfying? She couldn’t cultivate at all!

Mr Lu frowned .

Grand Secretary Fang said, “Once Xiao Wu is admitted into Imperial College, she can always go to the formation department if the martial arts department won’t have her…”

Mr Lu waved Grand Secretary Fang off and kept his gaze on Feng Wu . “Feng Wu, where have I heard that name before?

“That’s it! You’re THE Feng Wu!” Mr Lu looked shocked!

How could he not know that name?!

Feng Wu used to be a prodigy second only to Jun Linyuan, and was a figure that had amazed everyone .

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She had only been eight back then, but Mr Lu had already wished to take her in as a student of Imperial College so that he could teach her himself and prevent her from going astray or bringing harm to herself .

He never thought that the next time they met would be five years later .

“Yes, I’m that Feng Wu . ” Feng Wu smiled .

When Mr Lu looked at Feng Wu again, he felt very sorry for her .

That amazing girl had become a good-for-nothing .

It pained him to think about it .

Mr Lu shook his head and heaved a long sigh .

“Kiddo, you have no cultivation ability, which means that the martial arts department isn’t the right place for you,” Mr Lu said sincerely . “You should choose the formation department . You’ll do wonderfully there . ”

Even Mr Lu had to admire Feng Wu’s capability .

When a door shut, God opened a window for her, and she was as much a genius as before .

Mr Lu felt so sorry for the girl…

The empire had lost more than just a great, potential warrior .

Mr Lu couldn’t bring himself to see Feng Wu this way . He gave a wave of his hand . “Please leave . ”

He wouldn’t let Feng Wu enroll in the martial arts department .

For one, it would pain him so much to see the once genius girl become an ordinary person .

For another, Feng Wu wouldn’t be able to take it when she saw all her peers make progress when she couldn’t .

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