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Published at 3rd of April 2020 08:45:22 AM
Chapter 522
Chapter 522: There’s One Possibility

Chaoge was furious!

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What was wrong with these people? She and Feng Wu were here just to register for the entrance exam! Xiao Wu was so smart and brilliant that she could surpass them without breaking a sweat! Where did their sense of superiority come from? And what made them think that they could laugh at Xiao Wu like this?!

That pissed Chaoge off . She made up her mind that she would become an excellent cultivator; one day, she would be strong enough to sneer at all those people who used to laugh at Xiao Wu!

“Hahaha — just look at that butterball . She’s cross . She looks so funny with her cheeks puffed up . ”

“Hahaha, are you seeing this? The butterball wants to kill us with her eyes . ”

“Oh my, I think the butterball wants to fight us to death . ”

By “butterball,” they were obviously referring to Chaoge .

All those “butterballs” infuriated Chaoge!

No teenage girl would want such a nickname, especially one that used to be so pretty .

Tears welled up in her eyes, and her back looked both stubborn and sad .

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Feng Wu’s hand landed on her shoulder . Chaoge turned around with red-rimmed eyes .

“Silly girl . ” Feng Wu rubbed her head . “You’ll soon be as fit as you were . I promise . ”

Chaoge beamed at Feng Wu with tears in her eyes .

Wiping away her tears, Chaogo looked up at Feng Wu, whom she trusted, and nodded with a smile . “Yes!”

However, Rong Shixin was looking at Feng Wu in a sympathetic way .

“Are you really going to register for the exam?”

“Yes . ” Feng Wu nodded .

Rong Shixin didn’t know what to say .

Guan Jing snickered all of a sudden . “What? Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t registration closed already?”

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“That’s right! It closed at noon, didn’t it?”

“It’s already the afternoon now, hahaha —”

Many gave Feng Wu funny looks .

Some even sneered . “If you’re really going to find an excuse, at least find a plausible one . How are you going to register when the deadline has already passed?”

“Well, maybe she really is here to do that . Don’t be so harsh . ”

Guan Jing said, “She really is here to do that? Don’t make me laugh . One is a Level 7 at most, and the other has no cultivation ability whatsoever . You’re telling me that they’re here to register for the exam?”

“Pfft —”

Guan Jing went on, “There’s one possibility, though . ”

“What’s that?”

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Guan Jing said, “I heard that the school has a special rule . If a person can get recommendation letters from three members of the board of education, they can be treated as an exceptional case and be registered . ”

“Hahahaha —”

Many onlookers laughed until they were in tears .

“Those two? Get letters from the bigshots? And three of them? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

No way . No one was going to believe that .

Chaoge trembled with fury . “You snobs! Two of the big guys already gave us letters, and we’ll get the third one!”

However, the others only guffawed .

Feng Wu shook her head and tugged at Chaoge . “Let’s go . ”

There was nothing more to say to these people .

Feng Wu then led Chaoge toward the president’s office .

Many were looking forward to making fun of her .

“Look, hahaha, Feng Wu is going to the president’s office . ”

Guan Jing said, “Well, after what she said, she can’t just leave, right? The least she can do is make a show of it . Where else can she go if not the president’s office?”

“Hahahaha —”

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