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Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Lifted Her High Up

Feng Wu turned around and took a look——to discover that Yu Ming Ye was charging forth towards her furiously, his speed as fast as lightning!

Feng Wu’s pair of clear, beautiful big eyes immediately constricted intensely!

“Little Fifth! Stop where you are! Don’t you dare try and run!” Even though they were separated by a bit of distance, Feng Wu could still feel Yu Ming Ye’s fury strongly!

Didn’t she already use the ultra super glue to fasten both of his feet? Feng Wu’s gaze turned downwards and saw Yu Ming Ye’s pair of bare feet and indistinct blood. Feng Wu’s heart was immediately startled!

Damn it! How much did Yu Ming Ye actually hate her? For the sake of overtaking her, he actually ignored internal injuries in order to regain unobstructed mobility!

Stop? Wouldn’t that lead to her own


Feng Wu wailed as the soles of her feet gained wind, her heart wailed and was fraught with worry!

“Stop right there! Stop!” Even though Yu Ming Ye sustained internal injuries, his foundation remained after all, and could not be compared to Feng Wu, whose spirit qi was such garbage.

Previously, Feng Wu already heard that voice gush forth from not far away.

She ran for her life with all her might!

Gritting her teeth as she ran!

Hurry, faster, faster!

If she was caught, she’d die for sure!

One kilometer, five hundred meters, one hundred meters, fifty meters……ten meters!

Before her, a life saving river approached closer and closer, behind her, the sound of Yu Ming Ye’s footsteps came closer and closer, coupled with the sound of his voice yelling angrily!

A tinge of ecstasy burst forth in Feng Wu’s heart!

As long as she could plunge into that big

big surging river, she would be saved!

However, just when Feng Wu’s distance to that strip of wide and broad river was still three meters away, just as she threw herself into it, when she prepared herself to forcibly dive into the river——

Kacha! Yu Ming Ye grabbed Feng Wu’s leg while she was soaring through the air!

Feng Wu’s entire body was stunned while she was in midair!

She only needed a half a second, no, she only needed a tenth of a second of time and she would’ve already plunged into the river. Relying on her White Wave swimming skill, Yu Ming Ye wouldn’t have been able to catch her!


Merely short a tenth of a second, Feng Wu was grabbed by Yu Ming Ye’s hand in the air.

She struggled, floundered——

Yu Ming Ye watched Feng Wu’s pair of hands stroking forward, as if she was

she was swimming, and straightforwardly rolled his eyes!

Did she think she was in the water? Her pair of claws were even floundering as if she’s parting waves.

Yu Ming Ye watched the twisting, continually struggling Feng Wu while feeling quite smug inside. He lifted the Feng Wu in his hand high up, and coldly laughed. “Run, run again! Just try running again!”

Feng Wu’s heart nearly threw up blood!

However, she still rejoiced a little, because the one who captured her was Yu Ming Ye, and not Jun Lin Yuan’s group……

The moment she thought of Jun Lin Yuan’s******iceberg like unfeeling face, Feng Wu’s heart shuddered.

Thinking again of how Feng Xun would be driven mad after he found out the truth……Feng Wu simply didn’t dare to face it.

Therefore, if it’s merely Yu Ming Ye, Feng Wu could still be very thick faced.

“Yu Ming Ye! What are you What are you doing? Put me down! Speak properly if there’s anything to say!”

Previously, Feng Wu’s left leg was grabbed, but Yu Ming Ye was just too rotten. He tossed Feng Wu into the air, and just when Feng Wu was falling down, Yu Ming Ye then used his right hand to prop up Feng Wu’s belly.

Hearing Feng Wu yell like that, Yu Ming Ye immediately sneered in his heart!

This ugly girl, after toying with him, she unexpectedly could still be so bold and self-righteous! Where did she get the confidence? !

“What do I want to do? Ha ha ha, you think this young master will let you off so easily? You are this young master’s plaything. However I want to play, I will play!” While Yu Ming Ye was speaking, his right hand lifted Feng Wu up high, after that, he unexpectedly——

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