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Chapter 513: 513

Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu had acknowledged Feng Wu’s abilities . Hence, they decided to treat her as their equal .

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Once she was acknowledged by the professionals, they instantly became much more approachable .

Xuan Yi was flustered by Grand Secretary Fang’s prompting .

Grandaunt? He was never going to call Feng Wu that!

“Grandpa…” The corner of Xuan Yi’s mouth twitched a little .

Only a couple of months earlier in Northern Border City, he had felt so superior over Feng Wu . But now, he was told to call her grandaunt?

Feng Wu gave Xuan Yi a half-smile . Xuan Yi had always been a serious and prim guy, and she found it so amusing to see him like this .

“By the way, Xiao Wu, why are you here?” General Secretary Fang led Feng Wu inside in an affable manner and completely forgot about Xuan Yi .

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Rubbing his nose, Xuan Yi followed the old man in silence .

Feng Wu said, “I heard that you’re the honorary president of Imperial College?”

Grand Secretary Fang waved his hand . “It’s just a nominal thing, and I’m a deputy president . ”

“I’m the real head of the formation department . Xiao Wu, feel free to ask me anything,” Priest Wu interjected in a hurry .

Feng Wu smiled . “I’m talking to the right people, then . I want to apply for Imperial College this year . ”


Everyone was astonished!

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Grand Secretary Fang was shocked . “Are you kidding me? Imperial College? Why do you even need to study in Imperial College?”

Priest Wu said, “With what you can do with formations, Imperial College is way below your level . I can make you a guest advisor directly . ”

Feng Wu shook her head .

Priest Wu stared at Feng Wu, looking alarmed . “Hey, kiddo, you’re pushing it! I can make you a deputy president of the formation department at most . You can’t have the president position . It’s mine . ”

Grand Secretary Fang glared at Priest Wu . “Why can’t she have it? I’m entitled to a vote . If it were up to me, I’d choose Xiao Wu over you any time . ”

“Old Fang, you’re asking for a fight!”

“Bring it on!”

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The two elders looked way too old for a squabble like this, and the others watched in bafflement . It seemed, though, that this was how they usually interacted .

However, Chaoge was still in shock .

A guest advisor? The deputy president?

She and Xiao Wu were only here to get to know these people so that they could borrow some past exam papers…

Feng Wu looked at the two old men in resignation . “I’m applying for the martial arts department . ”


The quarreling pair stopped abruptly and turned their heads in unison .

Feng Wu said earnestly, “I want to get into the martial arts department . ”

“But you don’t have any spiritual essence, do you?” Xuan Yi frowned at Feng Wu . “How are you going to take the exam for the martial arts department?”

The martial arts department was the main department at Imperial College, while the departments of formation, medicine, and some others were minor ones .

Although the formation and medicine departments were minor ones with fewer students, they weren’t that much inferior in status .

This was because there were many more practitioners of the martial arts, whereas awakening talent in formations or medicine was much more difficult than in martial arts . Less than one in a thousand students had such talent, which made them much more precious .

Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu gazed at Feng Wu as well .

They had long realized that Feng Wu had no spiritual essence . Moreover, with what had happened back then… she was indeed a good-for-nothing when it came to cultivation .

However, she was brilliant nonetheless . After her main path was cut off, she had somehow managed to blaze a trail of her own .

But now, when she had almost reached the pinnacle after that trial, she was telling them that she was going back to that blocked main road?

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