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Published at 29th of March 2020 02:45:08 PM
Chapter 512: 512

While Xuan Yi was feeling baffled, Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu stared at Feng Wu as if they had seen a ghost .

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That was incredible!

This girl was incredible!

Priest Wu was a Grandmaster Level formation master and could create formations himself, but they required calculations and in-depth study .

But —

Just then —

Feng Wu was able to upgrade an intricate Master Level formation to the Grandmaster Level in a matter of minutes!

How could one not be dumbstruck by such excellent skills?

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“Do you still want to teach me formations?” Feng Wu smiled at Priest Wu .

Priest Wu gave Feng Wu a woeful look . “Kiddo, are you kidding me? Forget about becoming my pupil . I want to be your pupil now . ”

Xuan Yi’s eyes widened and he stared at Feng Wu and Priest Wu in disbelief!

Wasn’t Feng Wu… useless?

Were her formations really that good?

Feng Wu didn’t notice the look on Xuan Yi’s face . She only said proudly, “I have a master already and he’s… the best in this land! I’m not going to be anyone else’s pupil . ”

Crossing her hands behind her back, the girl stuck out her chest proudly and looked so sure of herself that everyone else wanted to smack their own foreheads .

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Priest Wu and Grand Secretary Fang exchanged looks, then sighed in unison .

She was right . With her skills, what other masters did she need?

“Although —” Feng Wu smiled a little . “I can only have one master, but if we’re talking tutors, I can have as many as I want . So, would you like that?”


Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu wouldn’t have given the offer a second thought if it had come from anyone else . However —

Only an idiot wouldn’t want a pupil like her!

“But… what can we teach you?”

The two old men thought about it and felt guilty .

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Priest Wu waved his hand . “Forget about the tutor thing . You can be my master . ”

And he wasn’t joking!

Grand Secretary Fang actually nodded in agreement!

And Grand Secretary Fang was such a proud man!

Xuan Yi, Master Bian, and Chaoge watched with open mouths!

Especially Chaoge!

It was only just now at Feng Wu’s place that they had been trying to figure out a way to talk to Priest Wu, who would in turn lead them to Grand Secretary Fang… As it turned out, both old men wanted to become Feng Wu’s pupils!

Exactly how advanced were Feng Wu’s formation skills?

Feng Wu waved her hand with a smile . “Please don’t . You’ll shame me to death like this . ”

“Well, how about we forget about masters and pupils and treat one another as peers?” Grand Secretary Fang settled it .

Priest Wu nodded . “That’s right . Your formation skills are more than enough for you to work as a guest advisor in the formation department . We’re indeed peers in that sense . ”

Xuan Yi was dumbfounded .

Feng Wu and the two old men were peers now? But what about him?

Seeing the conflicted look on Xuan Yi’s face, Grand Secretary Fang smacked his grandson on the back of his head . “You brat! What are you looking at? Give your greetings . ”

“What?” Even someone as prim as Xuan Yi was bewildered .

Grand Secretary Fang snapped, “You heard me . Didn’t we agree that Xiao Wu is our peer now? I’m your grandfather and that makes her your… grandaunt . Quickly, say hi to your grandaunt . ”

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