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Published at 28th of March 2020 02:40:18 PM
Chapter 510: 510

He rushed up to them . “The Feng manor? Wait, where have I heard that name before? That clan had an unmatched genius years ago, didn’t they? I think her name was Feng Wu . ”

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Grand Secretary Fang nodded and said with regret, “If that girl hadn’t been crippled, she would have been accomplished by now, and the Feng clan would have risen with her… what a pity . ”

Priest Wu sighed with emotion . “I didn’t expect to see such a talented member of the Feng clan again after Feng Wu . They must be so blessed by their ancestors!”

Grand Secretary Fang chimed in, “I have to agree with you on that —”

“Grandpa, Old Master Wu —” Xuan Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . “This girl is the Feng Wu you’re talking about . ”


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Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu cried out in surprise and both turned to look at Feng Wu!

Both elderly men moved in unison and even their astonished faces looked identical .

“Feng Wu? That crippled girl? I thought she was dead . ”

“That’s right . I was told she passed away as well . ”

Xuan Yi said awkwardly, “Grandpa, Old Master Wu, she’s standing right there . Stop calling her a dead person . Look at her livid face . ”

Grand Secretary Fang said in amazement, “Why, she really is that girl? Wow —”

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Priest Wu’s eyes widened . “If she’s really Feng Wu, she’s only like, 14 now?”

“No, 13 . She’s 13!” Grand Secretary Fang corrected him immediately .

13 years old…

Grand Secretary Fang and Priest Wu exchanged looks and both saw resignation in each other’s eyes .

What did they do when they were 13? They probably didn’t know the first thing about formations . As for the girl here, her formaton skills were already so solid at the age of 13 .

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Imagine what she would become one day!

Priest Wu hurried to Feng Wu’s side in one stride . “Kiddo, would you like to be my pupil?!”

Feng Wu frowned .

Grand Secretary Fang was glad to see her reaction .

Excuse me? You’re in my home now . Are you trying to steal my pupil away?

He then ran up to her and pushed Priest Wu aside . “Kiddo, pick me! I’ll be your master!”

Priest Wu nearly fell down . He ran back to Feng Wu in a hurry, pushed Grand Secretary Fang away, and tugged at Feng Wu’s sleeve . “Kiddo, pick me! I’m the head of the formation department at Imperial College; I can make you a student of the department with a snap of my fingers!”

Grand Secretary Fang threw a dirty look at him . “What’s your problem? She’s already more capable than any of your graduates . She doesn’t need your lousy department . ”

After mocking Priest Wu, Grand Secretary Fang turned to Feng Wu with the brightest smile . “Miss Wu, I’m Grand Secretary Fang, and even the emperor needs to address me as his teacher . Isn’t that wonderful? Be my pupil and I’ll get you all the best resources . By the way, you know him, right?”

Grand Secretary Fang was doing all he could to get this pupil . He dragged Xuan Yi over and presented the latter to Feng Wu .

Priest Wu was all the more vexed!

For Grand Secretary Fang had a very appealing-looking grandson, while he only had an unsightly pupil!

However, while everyone thought that Grand Secretary Fang was trying to set up Xuan Yi and Feng Wu together, the whimsical old man said, “Look, this guy is His Royal Highness’s buddy . Don’t all girls want to get close to His Royal Highness?”

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