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A+ A- Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Little Fifth, Stop Right There!

Yu Ming Ye panted with rage as he glared at Feng Wu. “You shameless, fickle girl! Do you know what shame is or not? ! You went so far as to kiss Jun Lin Yuan! Don’t tell me that you forgot that you’re this daddy’s* girl!”

(*TN: Calling themselves ‘your daddy’ or ‘this daddy’ is used for inflating, or aggrandizing either their arrogant, or joking self.)

Feng Wu now knew what Yu Ming Ye was angry about.

However, on what basis was he this angry? !

“Wasn’t that something forced by the circumstances? I only did that for the sake of obtaining the Immortal Spirit Fruit’s juice.” Feng Wu was confident since reason was on her side. Moreover, who’s Yu Ming Ye’s girl? Wasn’t that a title he gave her unilaterally?

Yu Ming Ye smiled coldly. “Couldn’t you have used another method? Was this the only possible method?”

Feng Wu fiercely glared right back. “Then wasn’t this method the

most simple and effective? Look, as a matter of fact, hasn’t the juice been obtained?”

Yu Ming Ye was so angry his complexion ashened. “Since you wanted to kiss Jun Lin Yuan, that means that you like him. Even now, you still have him on your mind, isn’t that right? Speak!”

Feng Wu was utterly exasperated as she looked from top to bottom, taking measure of Yu Ming Ye. Suddenly, an unbelievable question came out of her mouth. “Yu Ming Ye, you can’t have truly fallen for me, right?”

Once Yu Ming Ye heard that, his face flushed with redness, he then glared at Feng Wu panting with rage. “Would I fall for such a fickle woman like you? ! What kind of a joke is that? !”

“Then that’s good, then that’s good.” Feng Wu comforted the pit of her stomach, gladness bursting forth.

Yu MIng Ye was so angered his veins popped out as the pit of his stomach violently undulated.

Yet Feng Wu

Wu was a picture of calm. “Since you haven’t fallen for me, and I also haven’t fallen for you, then too bad there’s no time now, let’s not meet again~”

Having said this, Feng Wu’s figure leapt away as quick as lightning!

Yu Ming Ye didn’t expect that Feng Wu would surprisingly simply leave after saying that. At once, he was so enraged that his complexion was all the more ashen. “You dare to run? Come back!”

Yu Ming Ye was so angry he wanted to give chase, however he miserably discovered that the base of his feet were apparently stuck to the ground like they were superglued. He simply couldn’t raise his feet!

Moreover, at present, the incomparably sticky substance already permeated the soles of his shoe, Yu Ming Ye originally wanted to take off his boots, but now, what was stuck wasn’t merely his boots, but also both of his feet.

This ugly girl! She actually schemed against him!

When did she plant that unparalleled

that unparalleled superglue? He surprisingly wasn’t aware of it? !

Yu Ming Ye felt a kind of humiliation from having been severely made a fool of by someone. He dashed behind Feng Wu and loudly bellowed. “Ugly girl! You still dare to run? ! Can it be that you’ve forgotten about the Ten Thousand Ants Soul Devouring Bone Breaking Poisonous Heart Pill? Your heart will be penetrated by ten thousand poisons and die!”

Having run away approximately a hundred meters, Feng Wu remained silent before she turned her head around and pulled a face at Yu Ming Ye. “Actually, Sir Yu fed me a starched laxative pill yet gave such a tyrannically overbearing name for it.”

A starched laxative pill? This ugly girl surprisingly already knew! She unexpectedly already knew early on that this was a medicine to clear the bowels? Therefore, she previously deliberately pretended not to know?

Yu Ming Ye thought about how he previously threatened the other person in deadly earnest and suddenly earnest and suddenly felt a kind of feeling of himself having been super, super stupid……simply destable!

Yu Ming Ye was so angry he punched a tree. “Little Fifth, stop right there. When I catch you later, you’ll be better off dead than alive!”

She unexpectedly dared to trick him? This ugly girl borrowed her guts from the heavens!

The soles of Feng Wu’s feet smoked as she slipped away even more quickly! How could she dare to stop!

“Arrgghh!” Yu Ming Ye raged, face ashen, his wrath made him explode with two hundred percent of his strength as both legs struggled free from the unparalleled superglue, but at the same time, it also made his internal organs sustain injuries. A mouthful of blood spurt out at the same time!

“Little Fifth Feng, stop right there!” Yu Ming Ye completely ignored his own injuries. Right now, his only thought was to catch Little Fifth. He must catch this ugly girl!

Feng Wu turned her head to look, dang!——

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