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Chapter 502

Grand Secretary Fang realized that although the vase itself was a fake antique, the formation within was very profound .

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Every time he listened to it, he had a different feeling .

It was amazing .

Grand Secretary Fang was a gaunt old man . He beckoned at someone behind him .

Almost instantly, his old steward showed up .

“Find out who that young lady is . Be thorough about it . ”

“Yes —”

The steward left as quickly as he had shown up .

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“How amazing…” General Secretary Fang sighed with emotion . “At such a young age, she could come up with such an intricate formation in such a short time . She’s a genius . There’s no doubt about it…”

Grand Secretary Fang had seen his fair share of the world and had met more than enough geniuses . However, none of those could compare with the Whistling Vase girl .

“What a spectacular girl… I wonder if I’ll be able to see her again . ” Grand Secretary Fang regretted not taking her more seriously earlier .

Grand Secretary Fang held some old grudges against Priest Wu from back in the day, and he had decided that he would use this opportunity to laugh at the latter .

Outside the Fang manor .

Master Bian helped Priest Wu out of the carriage .

Priest Wu was an old man with white hair and a goatee . Despite his age, he was hale and hearty and had a youthful look on his face .

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Just then —


A rock hit the carriage .

Priest Wu dodged to the left and everyone looked up at the top of the wall .

Feng Wu sat there with her legs dangling over the wall .

“Are you Priest Wu?” Feng Wu only knew the man by name and had never met him in person before . Hence, she asked the question curiously .

Feng Wu sat there against the light and the evening glow limned her figure . With the halo around her, she looked like a fairy .

Priest Wu didn’t linger on Feng Wu’s face . He saw what Feng Wu was holding and frowned . “That’s too valuable a thing for someone this young to play with . How wasteful! The moral degeneration of the world is getting worse day by day!”

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He walked off, shaking his head .

Master Bian followed Priest Wu everywhere .

Chang Yu, his senior martial brother, was the one who usually did the job . However, Chang Yu had been ill in the last few days, and the honorable task had landed on Master Bian’s shoulders .

It was such a rare opportunity that Master Bian spared no effort to make Priest Wu’s life as comfortable as possible . Delighted, Priest Wu had decided to teach his student an advanced formation later .

Master Bian had realized that as well and was feeling very smug .

He recognized Feng Wu immediately!

“It’s you?!” Master Bian frowned .

Priest Wu darted a look at Master Bian and sounded displeased . “You know her?”

“Yes, master,” said Master Bian . “She’s the girl I told you about, the one who swindled me out of 1000 top-grade spiritual stones . Master, do you not know her?”

Priest Wu frowned . “Why should I know such a vain girl?”

That settled Master Bian’s mind .

This Miss Feng Wu had mentioned Priest Wu that day, which had flustered him quite a bit as he feared that she somehow knew his master .

Master Bian smirked . It was a good thing he hadn’t given his master that Whistling Vase as the girl had said to .

As he helped Priest Wu into the Fang manor, Master Bian darted a contemptuous look at Feng Wu .

Chaoge was upset . “What did that old man mean? What vain girl? How could he say such things about Xiao Wu?!”

Feng Wu only smiled .

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