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Published at 24th of March 2020 02:45:14 PM
Chapter 501

Seeing that she had successfully confused Chaoge, Feng Wu chuckled . “You don’t have to understand everything . All you need to know now is that we can start from this Grandmaster Wu and work our way up to Grand Secretary Fang . ”

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Once they made Grand Secretary Fang’s acquaintance, all would be easy . They could borrow as many past papers as they wanted!

Moreover, Feng Wu was trying to purchase Grand Secretary Fang’s manor and she had been looking for a chance to meet the old man, but she hadn’t been able to find one until now .

Feng Wu had thought about using Feng Xun as a go-between, but she then realized that Jun Linyuan didn’t like her interacting with Feng Xun too often… although she had no idea why .

Hence, she had to depend on herself now .


“But how are we supposed to get to know Grandmaster Wu? Will Master Bian recommend us to him?” Chaoge found that approach rather unreliable .

“That’s right!” Chaoge smacked a hand on her thigh and cried out . “I remember!”

“You remember what?” Feng Wu looked at her in bewilderment .

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“Master Bian participated in the creation of Imperial College’s essence-gathering formation, right? I just remembered that someone told me that his master was a guest advisor at Imperial College and a bigshot in the formation department . Come to think of it, they were referring to Grandmaster Wu!”

Chaoge sighed with emotion . “Both Fang and Wu are valuable assets of the empire, and I’d be over the moon if they were to somehow appreciate our capabilities… But they’re such superior figures that I can’t see how we’re going to get ourselves noticed .  Sigh —”

Feng Wu smiled . “Not necessarily . ”

Just then, Uncle Qiu came in and looked at Feng Wu in a strange way .


Feng Wu was confused . “Uncle Qiu, what’s wrong? Do you have news for me?”

Uncle Qiu said awkwardly, “Miss, didn’t you tell me to ask around about where Grandmaster Wu lives?”

Feng Wu nodded . Read the next chapter on our vipnovel . com

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“If I’m not mistaken, Priest Wu is coming this way —” Uncle Qiu didn’t know how to describe his feelings at that moment .

Exactly how lucky could Miss Wu be? As soon as she wanted to find out where Grandmaster Wu lived, Grandmaster Wu was on her doorstep!

“That’s a happy coincidence . ” Even Feng Wu was surprised and she rose to her feet involuntarily .

Chaoge’s eyes widened . “Uncle Qiu, are you talking about THE Grandmaster Wu? The treasure of the empire?”


Uncle Qiu nodded in a solemn manner . “Yes . Master Bian was with him, so it has to be the guy . ”

“Are they coming here?” Chaoge cried out in surprise .

“No . If I’ve guessed right, they’re going to the Fang manor . ” Feng Wu looked pensive .

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Please don’t tell her that Priest Wu had his eye on the Fang manor as well!

“Xiao Wu, this is a great opportunity . What are we going to do?” Chaoge tugged at Feng Wu’s sleeve in excitement .

Talk about sheer luck . Priest Wu and Grand Secretary Fang were under the same roof now, and it would be such a waste if they didn’t seize this opportunity .

Rubbing her chin, Feng Wu walked back and forth in the room .


Her head was spinning and several ideas came to her, but she ruled all of them out .

All of a sudden!

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up!

She knew what to do —

At the same time .

In the Fang manor next door to the Feng manor .

Grand Secretary Fang stood in front of a window and was examining the Whistling Vase in an affectionate way .

He had noticed the unusual characteristics of this Whistling Vase yesterday, which was why he had decided to buy it . However, after examining it closely last night, Grand Secretary Fang realized in surprise that —

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