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Chapter 480: 480

“What are you doing? What do you think you’re doing?! Let go of me! Now!” Mu Yaoyao cried out in surprise and struggled violently .

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However, Granny Xiong was too powerful for Mu Yaoyao to break free from . She could handle the princess like a hawk picking up a chicken .

Once she seized Mu Yaoyao, the girl’s fate was sealed .

Granny Xiong’s fingers moved swiftly and the rope made a whooshing sound in her hands . She was almost too fast for the eye to follow . When the others were finally able to see what she was doing, Mu Yaoyao had been tied up like a mummy .

“You —”

Mu Yaoyao tried to speak, but the fierce Granny Xiong stuffed a big walnut into her mouth .

That successfully shut her up right away .

“Mhm —” Mu Yaoyao really burst into tears now .

Lady Mu gave Lou Yue a nod, then left with Mu Yaoyao .

Everyone was astonished .

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Lady Mu was so merciless .

That was rather humiliating for Princess Mu, wasn’t it?

However, Lou Yue watched the lady leave with an appreciative look in her eyes .

Lady Mu had done the right thing .

Mu Yaoyao offended His Royal Highness, and the only thing the Mu family could do now was to accept any punishment the crown prince gave them and act as humbly as they could .

But was Lord Mu going to be alright after what Lady Mu did?

As a matter of fact —

Shortly afterward, the imperial censors accused him of some random misconduct and impeached him, and he was downgraded to an earl .

For that, Lord Mu wanted to kill Mu Yaoyao!

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Of course, we’ll talk about that later .

Ye Yafei’s father came to pick her up .

Sir Ye was a third-ranked official and the assistant minister of the Ministry of Works .

When he learned that Ye Yafei had offended His Royal Highness, he almost passed out on the spot and was only able to steady himself with much difficulty .

He wished Ye Yafei wasn’t his daughter, but that wasn’t an option . Hence, he had to come here and get her .

As soon as he reached the entrance of World Tower, he met Lady Mu with the mummy-like Princess Mu, and his face drained of all color at the sight .

Even the Mu family had to succumb to the crown prince’s fury and punish their own daughter; what other choice did the Ye family have?

Hence, as soon as Sir Ye saw Ye Yafei —

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“Slap, slap, slap —”

He slapped her repeatedly right away . He was genuinely infuriated!

Ye Yafei was dumbfounded…

Sir Ye was also sounding out the attitude of the new head of World Tower .

Things wouldn’t be so bad if she stopped him .

However, Lou Yue simply stood there with her hands behind her back with an indifferent look on her face, as if she was watching a show .

Sir Ye’s heart sank…

He realized that Lou Yue wouldn’t frown even if he beat Ye Yafei to death here…

“Let’s go!”

Sir Ye took Ye Yafei back in fury .

Ye Yafei’s miserable days had only just begun .

Jun Wuxia watched what happened to Ye Yafei and Mu Yaoyao with great trepidation .

As a matter of fact, she still hadn’t figured out…

What had she done to offend her brother?

“I want to see my brother!” Jun Wuxia couldn’t sit still anymore . She stared at Lou Yue and made her demand .

Lou Yue said indifferently, “Your Royal Highness, no one would dare disturb your brother at this moment . ”

“Why?!” Jun Wuxia pressed .

Lou Yue only shrugged . She knew exactly why, but she didn’t want to tell the princess .

Jun Wuxia was infuriated by Lou Yue’s indifference .

But her anger was futile . Jun Linyuan ignored her and even his employee wouldn’t follow her orders .

The more Jun Wuxia thought about it, the angrier she became . She kicked the table hard .

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