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A+ A- Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Want To Kill Her?

One couldn’t help but say that every single time, Fairy Mu Yao was able to pinpoint the heart of the matter, but everyone just didn’t believe her.

Feng Xun even glared at Fairy Mu Yao: “You shut up!”

Fairy Mu Yao harrumphed then redirected her eyes to glare at Feng Wu. “Tell us! Where the hell did you go? Why did you disappear just now? Was it to go and pass on information? !”

Feng Wu turned towards Fairy Mu Yao with a confused and bewildered look, blinking those contrasting black and white, crystal clear eyes. “I just went out for a bit.”

“Don’t tell me you went to relieve yourself! We searched everywhere in the surrounding area, yet we didn’t see you! Did you need to travel that far to go to take a leak?” Fairy Mu Yao

repeatedly questioned.

Feng Wu was a faceful of innocence. “I went to take a bath at the waterfall over the precipice located five kilometers from here.”

Fairy Mu Yao didn’t believe one word of it. “Then why was it that when we yelled for you everywhere, you didn’t respond?”

“Maybe because the noise from the waterfall was too loud, so I couldn’t hear you.” Feng Wu replied with an innocent face. “Did you really go to the waterfall and yell for me?”

Fairy Mu Yao. “……”

When facing Fairy Mu Yao, Feng Wu was relaxed and smooth. Facing Xuan Yi’s gaze, she also could keep a hold of herself and stay cool-headed, but——

When that scorching hot gaze, just like an eagle fixing its gaze on her——Feng Wu only felt that her mind suddenly shook as her heartbeat instantly sped up. Her brain blanked out even more

more and didn’t know where her hands and feet should be placed……

Jun Lin Yuan’s gaze was too penetrating.

Looking straight through a person’s heart!

Feng Wu discreetly let out a breath and turned her head around. That pair of eyes as clear as water met with Jun Lin Yuan’s.

Four eyes facing each other flared just like a series of flames. Sparks flew as light rays shot out!

Jun Lin Yuan’s pair of sharp as eagle eyes looked straight at Feng Wu. Then he stood up, one hand placed behind his body, as he walked towards Feng Wu step by step.

Finally, he stopped and stood before her, looking down at her from high above.

Ever since she was little, Feng Wu had been taught by her master and had seen much more of the world compared to most people, yet when Jun Lin Yuan used this oppressive

this oppressive gaze to fix his attention on her, she still felt the palm of her hands sweating.

What a scary, powerful pressure!

It seemed as if in the next second, he could twist and ‘kacha’ break her neck.

Shivers ran down Feng Wu’s back.

“Crown Prince…… Jun.” Feng Wu fiercely ordered herself to calm down, as she raised her head to look straight at him.

Jun Lin Yuan looked at Feng Wu attentively but didn’t speak, however, his pair of eagle-like sharp eyes focused on Feng Wu. Suddenly, that as fair as jade right hand of his stretched towards her——

Feng Wu felt a kind of deadly aura, she only felt the hairs on her whole body stand up!

Fine beads of sweat percolated her forehead!

She couldn’t retreat!

If she retreated, then that proved that she lacked confidence. Therefore, not only could she not retreat, she must also face Jun also face Jun Lin Yuan’s gaze head on without evading.

This was very difficult, very difficult……

Feng Xun wanted to step forward many times, but he was held back by Xuan Yi.

Just when Feng Wu thought that Jun Lin Yuan was going to clutch her throat——

Jun Lin Yuan’s clearly jointed fingers pinched a white magnolia flower petal.

From Feng Wu’s hair.

Feng Wu stared blankly at Jun Lin Yuan, slowly letting out a breath……

There was a split second just now when a chill emitted from her neck. She really thought that Jun Lin Yuan was going to strike downward.

Feng Wu glimpsed the pear-sized fragrant Immortal Spirit Fruit suspended from Jun Lin Yuan’s waist——

This was the fruit that her heart longed for, the Immortal Spirit Fruit that she’d watched over attentively for five years!

(Blue Blossoms (BB): JLY took the fruit out of his locked jade box?)

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