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Published at 4th of March 2020 03:20:10 PM
Chapter 452: 452

He had heard right! It really was Feng Wu!

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Ye Yafei was going to grab Xiao Wu’s hair? How dare she! Feng Wu had saved his life once!

Jin Yuntao flared up . “Ye Yafei, how dare you do that to Xiao Wu!”

Ye Yafei smirked . “Xiao Wu? I didn’t know you two were that close . Well, she’s useless now and I can do whatever I want to her . Get out of my way!”

After that, Ye Yafei darted a look at Huo Yin . “Do it!”

Both Jin Yuntao and Ye Yafei got into Imperial College last year and were on par in strength, which was why Ye Yafei could fend off Jin Yuntao .

“Stop it!” Jin Yuntao was exasperated!

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However, he hadn’t come here alone . He had brought two classmates with him today .

They were his roommates Ye Zhou and Yuan Ming .

Neither of the two were locals of the imperial capital . They were from other provinces and their families were less well-off than Jin Yuntao’s .

But Jin Yuntao had brought them to Moon Room with him, which showed how close the three of them were .

As expected, the two teenagers rushed over and shielded Feng Wu and Duan Chaoge from Ye Yafei .

Ye Yafei was furious!

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That damn Jin Yuntao!

Ye Zhou and Yuan Ming were Jin Yuntao’s classmates from Imperial College as well as hers . Needless to say, Huo Yin and the other three, who had yet to get into Imperial College, weren’t their match at all!

Ye Yafei was too exasperated to say a word!

She had brought Feng Wu and Duan Chaoge here to humiliate the pair, but now, she was getting bullied herself!

“Ye Zhou! Yuan Ming! Are you two idiots?! I’m from an influential family of the imperial capital . How dare you two provincial yokels do this to me! You’re biting off more than you can chew!”

Ye Zhou’s and Yuan Ming’s fathers were local officials or business owners who were famous figures in their own provinces . However, they were nobodies in a place like the imperial capital .

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Seeing the two teenagers hesitate at her words, Ye Yafei smirked . “Get out of my way!”

Jin Yuntao snorted . “I’ll take full responsibility for what happens here today! Ye Yafei, you’re not doing anything to Xiao Wu! Go to hell!”

Ye Yafei and Jin Yuntao clashed with each other!

However, they were only able to exchange one blow!


They were separated by a single sweep of a hand!

Yan Yue showed up out of nowhere, taking Ye Yafei in one hand and Jin Yuntao in the other . The next second, both teenagers were tossed onto the floor and Yan Yue said in a cold voice, “Fighting is forbidden in World Tower and the entrance cards for both your families will be downgraded by one floor . Questions?”

Ye Yafei and Jin Yuntao glared at each other, but both were equally petrified .

They had managed to get into Imperial College after a highly competitive exam . They thought they were quite capable cultivators already . But as it turned out, even a waitress on the fifth floor of World Tower could handle them as if they were chickens…

Jin Yuntao lowered his head first . “No…”

Despite her burning hatred, Ye Yafei could only grit her teeth . “No…”

Yan Yue snorted . “Everyone out! You’re all banned from World Tower for three months!”

Now? Ye Yafei was so frustrated . Her plan hadn’t even started yet and Feng Wu had yet to be punished by Young Master Mu…

As part of her plan, Ye Yafei had gotten someone to tell Young Master Mu about what had happened in Elegant Ink Gallery, and that Feng Wu was in World Tower at the moment . Young Master Mu should thus be arriving shortly .

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