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Published at 4th of March 2020 03:20:15 PM
Chapter 451

The cold, arrogant waitress stopped, turned around, and eyed Ye Yafei impatiently .

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Summoning up her courage, Ye Yafei gestured at Feng Wu and Duan Chaoge . “I don’t know who they are and I have no idea how they got in . Miss Yan Yue, please kick them out . ”

Yan Yue stared at Ye Yafei as if the latter was out of her mind . “I’m not blind . Weren’t you the one who brought them in?”

They were making quite a lot of noise over here in Inky Rain Room, which caught the attention of people in Moon Room and Pine Room, and they came out to look .

At this hour of the day, the adults were all at work and most of the customers here were their kids .

“Why, isn’t it Ye Yafei?” A teenager stuck his head out of Moon Room .

He was Jin Yuntao, the son of the commander general of the imperial city .

The children of the owner of an entrance card could only gain access to the floor one level below what the owner could enter, which meant that Jin Yuntao’s father was a third-ranked official as well, but a military officer .

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Jin Yuntao and Ye Yafei both went to Imperial College, but the two of them had been enemies since they were little .

Seeing Ye Yafei’s predicament, Jin Yuntao’s first reaction was to laugh at her .

Ye Yafei threw a dirty look at Jin Yuntao and ignored him . She said to Yan Yue, “Miss Yan Yue, I don’t know who those people are; they just snuck in after us . I thought World Tower didn’t allow uninvited people inside . ”

Ye Yafei thought that Duan Chaoge had only been pretending at first, so she hadn’t thought much of it .

However, Duan Chaoge had just lost 25kg like a deflating balloon in front of her eyes!

That was so frightening!

Ye Yafei wouldn’t be so worried if Duan Chaoge was on her own, but Feng Wu was with her!

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After all, Feng Wu used to be such an unbelievable genius . What if she learned something from Inky Rain and got her abilities back?

The more Ye Yafei thought about it, the more flustered she became . She had to throw Feng Wu out!

Yan Yue frowned .

Something like this had never happened before .

“Are you sure you don’t know them?”

“Yes! I have no idea how they got in!” Ye Yafei confirmed .

Yan Yue nodded . “Fine, I can throw them out, but cultivators are not to be disturbed and I can only do that after they finish . ”

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“What?! I don’t believe this!” Ye Yafei couldn’t bear the thought of Feng Wu getting an epiphany here . It would be worse than killing her!

Yan Yue ignored her completely and left .

Ye Yafei was speechless .

Fine . World Tower won’t do anything about it? I’ll do it myself!

“Feng Wu, get out of here!” Pissed, Ye Yafei charged into the room and reached for Feng Wu’s head . She was going to grab Feng Wu’s hair and drag her out!

Jin Yuntao didn’t pay much attention at first and he was going to go back to Moon Room to resume his cultivation . After all, it was quite expensive to rent a room in World Tower .

But what did he hear? Feng Wu?

As in the Feng Wu he knew?

Xiao Wu was back in the imperial capital?

Ye Yafei’s hand was almost on Feng Wu’s head when Jin Yuntao rushed in, grabbed Ye Yafei by the shoulder, and asked in a cold voice, “What did you just call her?”

“None of your business! Jin Yuntao, get lost!”

Ye Yafei tried to push Jin Yuntao out of the room . However, Jin Yuntao was close enough to see Feng Wu’s profile, which he found quite familiar . He then ran to the other side to look at Feng Wu from the front .

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