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Chapter 450: 450

Just then, Duan Chaoge shuddered violently!

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“Phhh —”

A sound of something deflating came out of Chaoge .

And it went on and on —

She was releasing gas .

It caught Ye Yafei right in the face and she was dumbfounded!

“Cough, cough — retch —”

Ye Yafei was so disgusted that she threw up!

Huo Yin and the others also covered their mouths and noses and rushed out of the room .

“That stinks!”

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“Holy crap! Has Duan Chaoge saved all that for five years before farting all at once?!”

“Is she trying to kill someone with it?”

“That gas has to be toxic!”

Once they were out in the corridor, they threw up everything they had eaten .

The clamor in Inky Rain Room even startled the waitress a short distance away .

Yan Yue, the waitress for Inky Rain Room, arrived at the scene with a frown .

“What’s going on?” Yan Yue asked coldly .

Ye Yafei gestured at the room . “Miss Yan Yue, I’m so glad you’re here . There are two people releasing toxic gas in there . We don’t know how they got in . Please take them away!”

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Yan Yue frowned and stared at Ye Yafei with brooding eyes .

“Someone is really releasing toxic gas in there . Miss Yan Yue, will it ruin the painting?”

It was said that each of the paintings in the building contained a set of sword stances, and some even said that His Royal Highness had created the paintings himself . No one could afford to have them damaged!

Yan Yue could act as arrogantly as she wanted in front of Ye Yafei, but that painting was worth a hundred times more than her own life .

She pushed the door open and entered the room at once .

However —

Yan Yue found no such toxic gas when she walked in .

She only saw two girls sitting cross-legged with their eyes closed in front of Inky Rain . They were cultivating .

World Tower’s rules stipulated that no one was to be disturbed while they were cultivating .

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Yan Yue was about to back out of the room when Ye Yafei rushed in . “Miss Yan Yue, the gas is really toxic . And those two —”

“Where’s that gas you were talking about?” Yan Yue cast a stern look at Ye Yafei .

“What?” Ye Yafei was dumbfounded when she looked inside . Duan Chaoge had farted for so long just then and the smell was abominable . But now, nothing seemed to be out of place .

What Ye Yafei didn’t see was a tiny tiger in Feng Wu’s sleeve, which seemed to be drunk on self-satisfaction at that moment…

Yan Yue cast a stern look at Ye Yafei and said in a cold voice, “Miss Ye, as a young lady from a respectful family, you should be more discreet in your behavior . Making a scene like that is highly inappropriate . ”

A waitress was lecturing her now? Had it been some other place, Ye Yafei would have erupted with rage by now . However, this was World Tower and she didn’t dare cross the line one bit .

Her only option was to accept the reprimand . “Sorry . ”

Yan Yue turned to leave .

However, Ye Yafei turned to look at the two friends, and to her surprise —


Duan Chaoge, who had to weigh around 100kg before, now looked only 75kg!

She had lost 25kg of her weight by releasing all that toxic gas?!

What did that mean?!

Had Inky Rain really helped her?

Despite her reluctance, Ye Yafei had to recognize the fact that Duan Chaoge had learned something from the painting, or she would never have eliminated all that toxin and lost so much weight!

She then realized that she had brought Duan Chaoge here herself to humiliate the latter . As it turned out, she had helped the girl instead… Ye Yafei almost had a heart attack!

“Miss Yan Yue —”

Ye Yafei called after the graceful waitress .

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