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Published at 3rd of March 2020 02:30:18 PM
Chapter 449

Feng Wu frowned .

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Those people were so loud!

As she stared at Inky Rain, the dots splattered all over the paper seemed to turn into tadpoles, which made her dizzy and she had to turn her gaze away .

But Feng Wu found a pattern before long .

She realized that staring at the entire painting would make her head swim . However, if she focused on a single dot, it would begin to expand —

And she could see something resembling a film reel in that dot .

In it, a man was performing swordplay .

That was it!

This Inky Rain contained a set of stances known as Inky Rain Swordplay!

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Once she figured that out, Feng Wu began to search for the right sequence to the stances .

There were 36 stances in total and they were scattered randomly throughout the painting .

Soon, Feng Wu figured out the right order .

“Found anything yet?” Feng Wu asked Chaoge, who was staring at the painting with a blank face .

Chaoge turned to Feng Wu in bewilderment . “No . ”

They were just inky blobs, weren’t they? And someone just splashed them everywhere, hadn’t they? What more was she supposed to find in the painting? Chaoge thought she was going to get a headache .

Feng Wu was speechless .

Seeing Feng Wu’s frown, Ye Yafei thought that the latter was angry because she couldn’t figure out the painting . She snorted . “The most important reason why people go crazy over World Tower is the existence of these paintings in the private rooms .

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“It’s said that each painting is a manual for a set of martial art stances . Those who can figure them out will greatly benefit from them .

“If one gets an epiphany in World Tower because of the paintings on the wall, they’ll be rewarded by World Tower .

“Moreover, they stand a chance of being recruited by the imperial guards and becoming His Royal Highness’s personal guard . There was a person who had an epiphany in Moon Room next door and got into the imperial guards after being evaluated by the general of the imperial guards!”

“Oh god, His Royal Highness’s personal guard?!”

Huo Yin and the others covered their mouths and cried out in surprise .

Working for His Royal Highness was something they didn’t even dare to imagine!

“If I can see His Royal Highness once in my life with my own eyes, I’ll die with a smile on my face!” Huo Yin took a deep breath .

Ye Yafei thought grumpily, “I want the same thing, okay? I’d totally pass out if I can see His Royal Highness!”

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Feng Wu smacked her forehead, speechless .

These people just wouldn’t shut up . How annoying .

She could only whisper something in Chaoge’s ear .

Chaoge’s eyes lit up . “Really?! Is that true?!”

Feng Wu nodded . “I’ve suppressed the Degenerative Powder toxin in your body . What you need to do now is improve your cultivation, transform the toxin into spiritual energy, and use it for yourself . That way, you’ll make progress very soon . ”

Having been suppressed for so many years, Chaoge would make a frightening leap in her cultivation once she made progress .

Chaoge nodded in excitement . “Yes! Yes!”

She felt much closer to Feng Wu than to her biological sisters at home . Feng Wu had saved her life when she was little and Chaoge had made up her mind then: as long as she lived, she would do anything for Feng Wu .

She knew it! Xiao Wu was incredible! Xiao Wu was the best!

Xiao Wu had solved the problem that had nagged Chaoge for years as if it was nothing .

Xiao Wu had to be a fairy who had descended to the moral world, one that could turn stone into gold, Chaoge thought cheerfully to herself .

Seeing that Feng Wu had closed her eyes and entered a state of meditation, Chaoge closed her eyes as well .

She had lost track of time when —

“Hey, Duan Chaoge, are you really cultivating now? Aren’t you afraid that your level is going to drop again?” Ye Yafei smacked Chaoge’s shoulder with an open palm as she spoke .

Just then —

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