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Chapter 448: 448

“They’re haven’t received enlightenment, have they?” Huo Yin was concerned .

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Wen Ling said grumpily, “Feng Wu has lost her abilities, hasn’t she? Her making progress in cultivation? Are you kidding me?”

“What about Duan Chaoge?” Huo Yin looked alarmed . “Five years ago, Chaoge used to follow Feng Wu everywhere and she was a genius herself as well . She was that close to the Spiritual Grandmaster stage even then . ”

That was true . Feng Wu had been brilliant five years ago and Chaoge, her friend, was also a well-known figure .

Duan Chaoge had been qualified to enter Imperial College when she was only eight . How talented she must have been!

Ye Yafei smirked . “Feng Wu is a cripple and Duan Chaoge’s cultivation level has continued to drop . So what if they see something in Inky Rain? Do you think they’ll be able to make any progress?”

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“Hahahaha —” Everyone looked at the pair of girls in contempt .

Huo Yin frowned . “Although, that Inky Rain is so difficult to read . How are we supposed to learn anything from it? I’ve looked at it a hundred times and I still don’t get it, let alone been enlightened . It makes my head dizzy every time . ”

Wen Ling nodded . “That’s right . I thought I could use it to improve my cultivation level a little before the entrance exam for Imperial College . That way, I’d have a better chance of getting in . ”

“Sister Yafei is so awesome . She got in last year already . ”

Of these teenagers, Ye Yafei was the only one who had gotten into Imperial College .

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Ye Yafei said, “You’ve all become Level 9 Spiritual Masters after shoring up your cultivation for a year . Don’t worry . I’m sure all of you will get in this time . ”

Huo Yin took Ye Yafei’s arm . “Sister Yafei, can you talk us through the entrance exam of Imperial College?”

Ye Yafei said grumpily, “Haven’t you guys taken the exam once already? I know you all failed last year, but have you forgotten all about it already? Fine, I’ll talk you through it . ”

She said in a gloating yet reluctant voice, “The entrance examination of Imperial College has a literary component and a martial component . The total score is 1000, with the literary component taking up 300 and the martial component 700 . Only the top one thousand candidates for the literary exam will qualify to take the martial exam . You all still remember that?”

“Yes . ” Everyone nodded .

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Ye Yafei said, “You know what? You know all this already . Here’s what I have for you: get into Imperial College and you’ll find a brand new world . Your life will be lifted to a whole new level .

“You may find the most unattainable figures there as your classmates .

“Imperial College’s essence-gathering formation is immensely helpful for your cultivation .

“Everyone is ranked at Imperial College, and you’ll be motivated to work harder by all the competitors .

“Most important of all, Young Lord Feng is a nominal student of Imperial College . Even His Royal Highness, the respected crown prince of our empire, is a nominal student of Imperial College . We address him as Senior Brother in private . ”


The others covered their mouths in excitement . “His Royal Highness? His Royal Highness?!!!”

“That’s right!” Ye Yafei nodded . “Of course, we only use it among ourselves and His Royal Highness will only ignore us if we address him like that in front of him . But at least… that’s quite an intimate form of address, isn’t it?”

“I have to get into Imperial College this year!” Eyes sparkling, Huo Yin made a fist!

The others did the same .

To them, the crown prince and his friends were too out of reach .

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