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Chapter 443

The elderly steward handed the vase to his master with great respect .

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Taking the Whistling Vase, the sagacious old man pressed a palm to the base and examined it with his spiritual essence . His eyes flickered .

What an impressive formation .

The girl had set it up with such dexterous hands while chatting casually at the same time… Her formation skills were unfathomable .

At that thought, the sagacious old man gave his steward a look .

The elderly steward then tossed a bag of a thousand low-grade spiritual stones to Master Bian . “We’ll take this Whistling Vase . Off you go . ”

Master Bian’s eyes lit up .

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A thousand low-grade spiritual stones was a considerable amount for him and he was more than happy to trade this lousy vase for that much money .

“Sure, of course —” Master Bian agreed right away .

The sagacious old man smirked as he watched Master Bian leave . “What a fool . ”

“Master . ” The old steward grimaced . “I think Miss Feng was going to send a message to his master with that vase . ”

As it turned out, Master Bian was unlucky that way and had sold off such a precious vase just like that .

“Xiao Wu —”

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Outside Elegant Ink Gallery, Chaoge took Feng Wu’s hand and her eyes glistened with tears . “Xiao Wu, I knew it! You’re the best! You turned things around all by yourself, you surprised everyone, and you totally defeated Mr Mo! Even Master Bian had to admit his failure and run away… Oh my god, Xiao Wu, you’re awesome!”

Feng Wu looked at her childhood friend . The girl used to be a little more than skin and bones, but now —

Before Feng Wu could ask about it, Ye Yafei spoke .

“Feng Wu, that was unexpected . I didn’t know you had such sharp eyes . ”

Leaning against a column outside Elegant Ink Gallery’s entrance, Ye Yafei looked Feng Wu up and down . “Although, appraising antiques and repairing them is all that you can do now, right? What else can you do? Can you cultivate? You’re still a useless cripple . ”

“Shut up!”

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Seeing Feng Wu being insulted made Duan Chaoge feel more infuriated than being humiliated herself . Her chest heaved with anger .

Feng Wu patted Duan Chaoge on the shoulder, then turned to Ye Yafei with a calm face .

Ye Yafei hadn’t learned anything from her failed attempt to frame Chaoge . Feng Wu had already forgotten about the girl, but she just wouldn’t go away . Since Ye Yafei was so eager to have her face slapped again, Feng Wu was happy to oblige .

“Miss Ye, how can I help you?” Feng Wu glanced at her .

“It’s nothing, really . I only have one question for you: do you still remember Zuo Qingluan, the girl who was less capable than you back then?”

The girls and boys behind Ye Yafei roared with laughter at those words .

Zuo Qingluan was also born with True Phoenix Blood, but back then, she was nowhere near as famous as Feng Wu and hardly anyone knew about her .

“Have you heard? Zuo Qingluan is already a Spiritual Elder now,” said Ye Yafei . “Whereas you, well, you don’t have a speck of spiritual essence . How could you bring yourself to come back to the imperial capital at all? I would have hung myself if I were you, instead of asking to be humiliated here!”

“Shut up!”

Chaoge felt so sorry for Feng Wu and she believed that Xiao Wu could only feel even more upset .

She tried to jump at Ye Yafei, but Feng Wu stopped her .

“Duan Chaoge, you have no right to be so arrogant . ” Ye Yafei looked bemused . She then pointed at Feng Wu . “Do you think Feng Wu will be able to protect you like she did when you were little? Even if she wants to, can she?”

“Xiao Wu is the best! I won’t allow you to insult her like this!” Chaoge was so enraged that the rims of her eyes turned red!

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