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Chapter 442: 442

The onlookers felt like they were on a rollercoaster ride . The reversal simply came too suddenly for them to digest .

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The looks they gave Feng Wu changed again .

They forgot all about calling Feng Wu a shameless girl just moments ago… So, she had been right all along!

That Whistling Vase was really a fake!

Mr Mo was selling fake antiques, and by the looks of it, he was doing it knowingly!

Bamboozling innocent customers with fake pieces – his Elegant Ink Gallery had no sense of shame at all!

The crowd began to look the shop over with animosity .

Everything Mr Mo had bragged about became evidence against himself now, and even Ye Yafei looked embarrassed… They didn’t know what to do .

While Master Bian was questioning Mr Mo, Feng Wu had fixed the broken Whistling Vase again .

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She clapped her hands . “Done . ”

Master Bian stared at Feng Wu in bewilderment . “… That’s your priority? Fixing that fake piece when we’re arguing about a much more pressing matter here?”

Would nothing fluster this girl?

All eyes were on Feng Wu now .

Feng Wu only smiled . “Master Yu Wei’s work is so sought after not because of how precious the actual pieces are, but because of the advanced formations in the Whistling Vases . ”

The more advanced the formation in a Whistling Vase was, the better it could help with comprehending skills with the wind attribute .

Master Bian and the others nodded . “That’s right . ”

“You’re going to buy this with a thousand low-grade spiritual stones . ” Feng Wu tossed that repaired Whistling Vase to Master Bian .

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Master Bian almost exploded .

Since when had he agreed to that? Having been broken twice, this Whistling Vase was already rickety . There was no way that he could put any formation into it!

Plus, having it around would only remind him of the humiliation he had suffered today . No, he wouldn’t buy it!

However, Feng Wu stood there proudly with a half-smile on her face . She then narrowed her eyes .

Master Bian realized that the girl wouldn’t cut him loose unless he made the purchase .

“Fine! I’ll take it!” Master Bian tossed a pouch to Feng Wu, grabbed the Whistling Vase, and turned to leave .

Feng Wu watched as Master Bian walked out and called after him, “Say hi to Priest Wu for me . ”

P- Priest Wu?

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The girl was an acquaintance of his master? No way!

Master Bian didn’t look back and only hurried off with the vase . He couldn’t stand to stay here any longer .

The room fell silent after Master Bian departed…

Everyone looked at Feng Wu strangely .

Feng Wu darted a look at Mr Mo, which made his stomach lurch .

The girl’s gaze was as sharp as a cold blade and it gave him the creeps .

Feng Wu paid no attention to these people and left with Chaoge .

At the same time .

Master Bian was walking away quickly with the Whistling Vase . The longer he looked at it, the more he wanted to toss it away .

For it reminded him of how humiliated he had been in Elegant Ink Gallery .

“Master Bian —” Someone blocked his way .

Looking up, Master Bian saw a wise-looking old man and an elderly steward .

The steward was the one who stopped him .

With an impassive face, the steward reached out to Master Bian . “I’d like to borrow that for a moment . ”

Before Master Bian could reply, the vase was in the steward’s hand .

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