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Chapter 427

The more Feng Wu thought about it, the more excited she became .

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However, at that moment —

Feng Wu saw the steward of the manor showing several people in .

The one leading the group was a teenage girl in a lilac dress . She was about 15 or 16 years of age and looked quite mature already . She had an aggressive type of beauty and there was something wild and fierce about her .

Her own steward walked behind her and was chatting pleasantly with Steward Fang .

“Ye Yafei?”

She was Zuo Qingluan’s elder cousin . That was why she looked so familiar .

Feng Wu recalled that Ye Yafei used to follow Zuo Qingluan everywhere like a minion .

“What’s she doing here?” Feng Wu frowned .

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Because of the branches of the Chinese parasol tree, Feng Wu could see Ye Yafei, but Ye Yafei couldn’t see Feng Wu .

“Does she want to buy this manor as well?”

Feng Wu murmured with a frown .

Feng Wu hadn’t been that into this manor in the beginning . However, she had already figured out how to draw the spiritual energy of the lake here for her formation, and she didn’t want her plan to go to waste now .

As a Level 2 Spiritual Grandmaster, Feng Wu had exceptionally sharp hearing and sight, which enabled her to hear the conversation between the two stewards .

“My master is retiring soon and the manor is up for sale .

“Yes, for 100 000 taels of silver .

“The money alone isn’t enough . You’ll have to pass my master’s test as well . ”

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Steward Fang handed them a piece of paper . “Here’s the problem . Whoever solves it is eligible to purchase the house . ”

Ye Yafei took the piece of paper, had a look, and frowned . “What’s this?”

Steward Fang only smiled .

“Miss Ye, if you don’t know what it is, you’re probably not the right owner for this manor,” Steward Fang said indifferently . “Please come back in three days after you’ve solved the problem . ”

After that, Steward Fang was ready to see them out .

From where she was, Feng Wu couldn’t see the question on the paper, but her attention was caught by an ancient well in the center of the courtyard .

“Am I seeing things?” Feng Wu rubbed her eyes .

When she opened her eyes again, she could still see the purple glow in the well!

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Thanks to her beautiful master’s teachings, Feng Wu had read a lot of books across all subjects . Her eyes lit up when she saw that flickering purple glow under the sunlight!

“Feng Tutu —”

Just then, Feng Tutu jumped out and dashed off toward that well!

“Feng Tutu!”

Feng Wu covered her eyes .

Ye Yafei and her people hadn’t left yet . Would they spot Feng Tutu?

Luckily, Feng Tutu was very fast and it jumped into the well before any of them noticed .

Seeing that Steward Fang had gone away to see the guests out, Feng Wu jumped down from the wall, and the next second, she was next to the well .

Looking down, she noticed immediately that —

It was a dry well .

And it had been that way for quite a long time, for the bottom was covered with rubble and dry leaves .

But she couldn’t see Feng Tutu anywhere .

Feng Wu was surprised .

She was certain that Feng Tutu had jumped into this well . Where was it now?

Picking up a handful of sand, Feng Wu gave it a sniff . It smelled like…

Feng Wu placed her right palm flat on the ground and reached downward with her spiritual essence, like a tree extending its roots .

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