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Chapter 426: 426

“Plus, do you still remember that teenager who beat you guys up last night?” Feng Wu said with a half-smile .

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Feng Yanfeng jumped to his feet with a livid face!

“How dare you!”

Feng Yanfeng raised a hand to slap Feng Wu!

It was an utter humiliation for Feng Yanfeng!

However, Feng Wu only stared at him with a haughty look on her face and didn’t try to dodge .

Feng Xiaoqi had woken up this morning as a Level 3 Spiritual Master . Feng Wu had also made some progress herself . She was a Level 2 Spiritual Grandmaster now .

At this speed, she would become a Spiritual Elder soon!

Once she became a Spiritual Elder, she would win a place for herself in the cultivation circle in the imperial capital .

Feng Wu had confidence in herself and she was very level-headed .

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Feng Yanfeng’s hand almost landed on Feng Wu’s face when he saw the calm look in her eyes . Involuntarily, his hand shifted a little and it brushed past Feng Wu’s fair cheek .

Crossing her hands behind her back, Feng Wu smiled . “Uncle, are you sure you don’t want that position?”

Of course he wanted it!

He wanted it more than anything else!

Feng Yanfeng stared at Feng Wu . “Your terms?”

By now, he knew perfectly well that Feng Wu was no ordinary girl .

This girl could always surprise him .

“100 000 taels of silver . ”

“What?!” Feng Yanfeng smacked the table . “Are you out of your mind? That’s ridiculous!”

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Outside, Feng Liu was hurrying back to the study with her mother .

Hearing Feng Yanfeng’s roar, they exchanged looks and both let out breaths of relief .

Feng Wu was an idiot . After what happened last night, Feng Yanfeng would never be on her side . She should consider herself lucky if Feng Yanfeng didn’t strangle her at that moment .

“I hope Father kills her himself!” Feng Liu clenched her fists and gritted her teeth .

“It won’t be long,” her mother swore .

Soon, the door opened .

Lady Wang and Feng Liu straightened up immediately!

Their eyes widened when they saw Feng Wu come out without a scratch… The girl then left without sparing them a look .

She left just like that?

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Lady Wang and Feng Liu watched as Feng Wu left . They then looked at each other before turning to Feng Yanfeng .

“My lord —”

“Dad —”

They each took one of Feng Yanfeng’s arms .

Feng Liu clenched her fists . “Dad, why didn’t you beat her up? Why did you let her leave just like that?”

Lady Wang eyed Feng Yanfeng eagerly as well, waiting for an explanation .

However, Feng Yanfeng only cast Feng Liu a stern look . “You ask too much for a young lady . ”

“But Feng Wu let an outsider beat us up . Dad, you —”

Feng Liu was going to slander Feng Wu behind her back, but it only reminded Feng Yanfeng of what had happened at the Yan manor and of the beating he had received from that mysterious teenager . That set him off right away and he slapped Feng Liu!

“None of that would have happened if it wasn’t for you! You’re the source of all my troubles!”

Feng Yanfeng then glared at Lady Wang . “She’s grounded for three months! Don’t let her out!”

He stormed off after that, leaving the baffled Lady Wang and Feng Liu behind . Both were regretting showing up in the first place .

Had they known this was going to happen, they would never have come here to laugh at Feng Wu’s predicament . As it turned out, nothing happened to Feng Wu, but they had to reap what they had sown . They felt like crying, but no tears would come .

Feng Wu sat on the wall of Fallen Star Yard .

From there, she could see everything of Grand Secretary Fang’s manor next door .

It was exactly as Uncle Qiu said . Grand Secretary Fang’s manor had a wonderful layout .

Sitting there with her legs dangling over the wall, Feng Wu was already planning how to set up the formation once they moved in .

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