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Chapter 425: 425

However, she still explained to him, “Sir Yan is the husband of Feng Xun’s eldest aunt on his father’s side . If Feng Yanfeng wants a promotion, he has to get Sir Yan’s approval first . I’m going to get Feng Yanfeng the position he wants, but he’ll have to pay for it . 100 000 taels of silver will be a price he’s willing to pay . ”

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Feng Wu was never going to use her own money to buy that house, but let Feng Yanfeng pay it for her .

“What do you need Feng Xun for? I can make that happen for you!” Yu Mingye puffed out his cheeks .

“Huh?” Feng Wu was baffled . “Aren’t you from the Dark Court?”

“That’s right . ”

“Aren’t you people the surviving supporters of the previous dynasty?”

“That’s right . ”

“So, aren’t you supposed to not show your faces in public?”

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“Says who?” Yu Mingye protested . “Of course we can walk around in broad daylight . I can walk all the way into the royal palace now if I want to . ”

“But why?” Feng Wu was at a loss .

“Because —” Yu Mingye said cheerfully . “Dark City, where our Dark Court is located, has declared its independence from the Junwu Empire and we have our own emperor now . That is to say, I’m officially the crown prince of the Dark Empire . And there’s more . Because of some reason, which I can’t tell you, your emperor needs the Dark Empire’s help!”

The fact that it could force Emperor Wu to consent to its independence showed how powerful the Dark Court was .

Emperor Wu needed the Dark Empire’s help? Although Feng Wu didn’t know why, she was certain that Yu Mingye was telling the truth, for he wouldn’t lie about something like that .

“Make your uncle the assistant minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel, right? Is that position good enough? I can make him a minister if you want . ” Yu Mingye grinned .

Feng Wu smiled wryly . “An assistant minister will do . He won’t be there very long, anyway . ”

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Yu Mingye was thrilled that he could be of help to Feng Wu, for that proved how close Feng Wu was to him . She didn’t go to Jun Linyuan, did she? The more Yu Mingye thought about it, the more satisfied he was .

Feng Wu went to Feng Yanfeng straight away .

Feng Liu stopped her outside the study .

“Feng Wu, what are you doing here?!” Feng Liu glared at Feng Wu, wanting to tear the latter to pieces .

Feng Wu smiled . “I have good news for Uncle . ”

“What good news?”

“I’m not telling you . ”

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“Get lost!” Feng Liu bellowed . “You’re not welcome here! Get out of my sight!”

“It’s about that position of assistant minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel . Are you sure my uncle doesn’t want to hear about it?” Feng Wu said unhurriedly .

Feng Liu was nothing but an ant to her .

“Let her in!” Feng Yanfeng gritted his teeth .

Feng Wu raised an eyebrow at Feng Liu provocatively, which infuriated the latter .

What news would make Feng Wu come here in person? Feng Liu ran off to fetch her mother right away .

“What news?”

Feng Yanfeng sat behind the table . The bruises on his face were almost gone . However, he still seemed to be seething with anger — he hadn’t forgiven Feng Wu yet .

Feng Wu sat down at the table without an invitation and smiled at Feng Yanfeng . “Uncle, how would you like to become the assistant minister of the Ministry of Official Personnel?”

How would he like it? She sounded as if she could get him that position with a nod of her head! That was a third-rank post of the empire!

“Uncle, have you forgotten? I’m Feng Xun’s friend . ” Feng Wu smiled at him .

If Young Lord Feng had a hand in this, given his relationship with the crown prince, he could easily make Feng Yanfeng a minister, not to mention an assistant minister .

Feng Yanfeng suddenly recalled that Feng Xun had indeed greeted Feng Wu when they were at the Yan manor . But did they know each other well enough for Feng Xun to get Feng Yanfeng that position?

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