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Chapter 410: 410

Yu Mingye struck!

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Thump! Thump! Thump!

As someone who was almost as famous as Jun Linyuan, Yu Mingye was anything but weak .

And Feng Yiran? He was a mere novice Spiritual Grandmaster .

Therefore —

It was more like a slaughter than a fight .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Feng Yiran kept falling back as Yu Mingye closed in .

Moreover, Yu Mingye had the habit of aiming at his opponent’s face .

Every strike of his landed on Feng Yiran’s face .

Slap, slap, slap —

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The crisp sounds resonated in the room .

Feng Wu was dumbfounded .

Hadn’t Yu Mingye left? What was he doing here? Her plan was to gather some experience in real combat here so as to raise herself to the Spiritual Grandmaster stage . It seemed that she had been deprived of that opportunity .


Yu Mingye slapped Feng Yiran hard in the face and the latter flew backward .

“Ran Er!”

Lady Wang was astonished!

She had always thought that Feng Yiran was more talented than any other young man of his age . However, her son had just suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Yu Mingye, a teenager that looked younger than Feng Yiran . Feng Yiran didn’t even have a chance to strike back .

“Ran Er!” Seeing Feng Yiran’s swollen face, Lady Wang was so agitated that she almost passed out .

Looking up, she glared at Feng Wu and hurled a stream of curses at her . “Feng Wu, who the hell is this man? Are you shagging him? You slut…”

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Had the target of Lady Wang’s invectives been Yu Mingye, he wouldn’t have given it another thought, for he was insensitive like that . However, insulting Feng Wu was a different story…

“You better leave now . ” Yu Mingye pushed Feng Wu toward the door .

He was too strong for Feng Wu to resist .

“Yu Mingye, what are you doing?” Feng Wu tried to talk to him over her shoulder, but Yu Mingye had put a hand on her head to stop her from turning around .

Yu Mingye sounded excited . “Little Feng Wu, you owe me one . ”

After that, Yu Mingye shut the door behind her .

Inside were Feng Yanfeng, Lady Wang, Feng Yiran, Feng Sang, and Feng Liu .

All the maids, grannies, and other servants stayed outside .

Granny Gui smirked at Feng Wu .

Her little love was so dead .

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Keeping her head lowered, Granny Gui slowly backed away with a vicious smile on her face . She turned around and began to run when she reached the entrance .

She had to inform the old lady about Feng Wu’s little lover . Such a shameless girl had to be banished from the clan!


Feng Wu grabbed a vase in the corridor and smashed it down on the back of Granny Gui’s head .


There was a loud sound .

Hit by the vase, Granny Gui turned around, swaying, and stared at Feng Wu in disbelief… How dare this girl attack her!

Feng Wu’s move intimidated all the servants who worked for this branch of the clan!

She was so tough —

Feng Wu smiled a little . Did these people really think they could do whatever they wanted to her? She would show them what she was capable of!

Blood covered Granny Gui’s head, which looked quite frightening .

Behind the closed door, they could hear everything banging into everything else!

About five minutes later —

The door opened .

Yu Mingye opened it himself .

Looking up, Feng Wu saw a neatly dressed teenager with a face glowing in satisfaction .

She then looked behind him into the room .

Feng Wu was speechless .

Everyone inside was on the floor .

Feng Yanfeng, Lady Wang, Feng Yiran, Feng Sang, and Feng Liu… Every face was bruised and no one was standing…

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