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Published at 10th of February 2020 08:39:43 AM
Chapter 405

They were still talking when they heard rustling sounds inside . Feng Wu’s beautiful mother then dashed out .

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“Xiao Wu…”

Seeing Feng Wu, the beautiful lady threw herself into her daughter’s arms and wouldn’t let go . She was trembling so violently that her slim figure reminded one of a butterfly on a winter day . She looked so frightened .

Patting her mother gently on the back, Feng Wu comforted her in a soft voice . “There, there . I’m back, aren’t I?”

” Sob — ” The beautiful lady sobbed uncontrollably and her trembling hands wouldn’t let go of Feng Wu’s clothes . “Xiao Wu… Don’t leave me behind, Xiao Wu…”

“No, of course not . Xiao Wu is right here with you . ” Feng Wu consoled her mother patiently .

No one knew what the beautiful lady had gone through, but when Feng Wu’s dad, who had long disappeared, brought her mother home back then, the beautiful lady had the intelligence of a five-year-old . Thanks to Feng Wu’s protection all these years, her mother was able to stay innocent and unharmed .

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The beautiful lady still hadn’t recovered from the fright and she wouldn’t let go of Feng Wu no matter what .

“Mum, look —” Feng Wu gestured at the person behind them .

“Mum —” Feng Xiaoqi ran to their side and waved at his mother .

However, the beautiful lady only gave Feng Xiaoqi a slight nod . “Xiaoqi, you’re back . ”

She turned back to Feng Wu immediately and went on weeping . “Xiao Wu, my sweetest Xiao Wu . Don’t leave me like that again, okay?”

Feng Wu comforted her patiently .

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“Don’t you feel hurt?”

Someone spoke next to Feng Xiaoqi .

Feng Xiaoqi looked up and saw that it was someone they had met in Northern Border City before . Brother Yu Mingye?

Feng Xiaoqi, the naive kid, didn’t find Yu Mingye showing up here at this late hour out of the ordinary at all . He only asked offhandedly, “Why should I feel hurt?”

Yu Mingye was surprised . “Aren’t you sad that your mother prefers your sister over you?”

Feng Xiaoqi was bewildered . “What’s wrong with that? Of course my sister deserves more attention . Why should I feel sad about that?”

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“Because that’s not normal! All other families value their sons over their daughters!” Yu Mingye looked at Feng Xiaoqi sympathetically . Exactly what had they taught this boy?

As his sister’s ultimate supporter, Feng Xiaoqi was offended and he said indignantly, “My sister is always right and we must do everything she says! Of course everyone loves her!”

Yu Mingye was taken aback by that matter-of-fact statement .

Feng Wu finally noticed Yu Mingye and she stared at him in an intimidating manner . “What do you think you’re teaching my brother?”

“Nothing . It’s nothing —” Yu Mingye waved his hands hastily .

“Says you!” The boy pointed a finger at Yu Mingye angrily, then turned to his sister . “Sister, he said that Mum likes only you and not me . He also said that our family prefers girls over boys!”

Yu Mingye felt like crying . He was just being nosy and it was some harmless small talk . Why was this kid being so serious?

Feng Wu stared at Yu Mingye with eyes devoid of warmth .

It was quite frightening .

Yu Mingye stumbled back . “I… was just chatting . ”

“And that was the first topic that came to mind?” Feng Wu narrowed her eyes .

Luckily, Xiaoqi was a naive kid . Anyone more sensitive would have been persuaded .

Yu Mingye felt his knees buckle under Feng Wu’s glare .

“What are you doing here?” Feng Wu frowned .

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