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Chapter 404: 404

“What?” Feng Xun was dumbfounded .

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Challenge? From Boss Jun? What was this all about?

“Draw your sword!” Driven mad with jealousy, Boss Jun glared at Feng Xun .

“B- Boss Jun, what’s this about? Challenge me? Ten of me put together wouldn’t be able to stand a single strike from you . What kind of challenge is this?” Feng Xun was almost in tears . What was happening?

“Strike!” The crown prince shouted angrily .

“I won’t!”

“Do it!”

“No!” Feng Xun stuck out his chest and resisted as best as he could . “You were born into a better family than I was, you’re more handsome, smarter, and you’re much more capable than I am… I’m inferior to you in every possible way! And you’re challenging me? You’re humiliating me on purpose, aren’t you? You have no heart…”

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The more Feng Xun said, the sadder he became . He felt so miserable that he almost burst into tears .

However, his buddy paid no attention to his complaints and spared no effort in this “challenge . ” Poor Feng Xun . He was bruised all over after Jun Linyuan was done .

Jun Linyuan pointed at Feng Xun . “… Stay away from you-know-who!”

He promptly left after that!

Feng Xun stood there, utterly baffled, and he had the most innocent look on his swollen, bruised face . “Stay away from I-know-who… Who’s that supposed to be? Boss Jun, who are you talking about?!”

The Feng manor .

Feng Wu took Feng Xiaoqi back home .

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She had been gone the whole day and when she still wasn’t back after dark, everyone in Fallen Star Yard was flustered .

Seeing Uncle Qiu come back, Granny Zhao hurried toward him . “Anything? Have you seen Miss Wu anywhere?”

Uncle Qiu’s haggard face was ridden with anxiety . “I searched every inch of the way from here to the Yan manor and Miss Wu is nowhere to be found . How about you? Heard anything from the others?”

Granny Zhao was as agitated as ants on a hot pan . “I asked everyone and searched every corner of the manor . She’s not here . ”

Uncle Qiu was exasperated . “What about Lady Wang? What did she say? Didn’t she take Miss Wu out with her? Did she have anything to say about Miss Wu being missing?”

Tears welled up in Granny Zhao’s eyes . “Lady Wang and the master had a huge row after they came back and it’s like a circus on that side of the manor now . No one would tell me anything . When I pressed, they told me that Miss Wu left before they did and they had no idea where she was . ”

“Where’s Qiuling?” asked Uncle Qiu .

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“Qiuling wouldn’t believe them and went to question them again . It’s been over an hour since she left… Is she going to be alright?” Disasters were piling up one after another and Granny Zhao thought she was going to have a heart attack .

Just then, Feng Wu jumped over the wall into the courtyard with Feng Xiaoqi behind her .

“Miss Wu!” Granny Zhao turned around at the noise and she cried out in pleasant surprise when she saw Feng Wu .

Granny Zhao rushed to Feng Wu’s side, held her hands, and burst into tears . “Miss, are you alright? Are you hurt?”

Uncle Qiu came up to them anxiously as well, his eyes fixed on Feng Wu the whole time .

Feng Wu was bemused . “I’m fine . What’s going on? Oh, I brought Xiaoqi back . ”

“Young Master Qi!”

Uncle Qiu and Granny Zhao cried out in surprise when they noticed Feng Xiaoqi . “Young master! You’re back!”

Granny Zhao couldn’t stop crying .

A moment ago, they thought Miss Wu was in danger, but now, their mistress had come back, unscratched . And she had brought Young Master Qi back with her . They were so thrilled!

“Where’s mum?” Feng Wu asked .

Granny Zhao said, “My lady was so worried about you and she couldn’t stop crying . You know she’s prone to throwing up when she cries . We only just put her to bed . She’ll cry and throw up again if she wakes up and you’re not here —”

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