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Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Then Did He Save You In Passing?

“Be careful——” Jun Lin Yuan became aware of the danger, his brows furrowed slightly.

Subconsciously, he raised his hand and pushed Feng Wu down.

In the next moment, he already faced the ninth evolution Jade Saint Python!

Even though Feng Wu hadn’t been caught by the Jade Saint Python, however, the strength from Jun Lin Yuan’s hand was also not light, he lifted his hand and conveniently threw Feng Wu to the side.

Thump——Feng Wu was sprawled on all fours with her belly flat on the ground – her mouth filled with mud!

Yu Ming Ye followed closely behind with a look brimming with amazement after seeing this scene.

On that handsome face, sword shaped brows and bright star like eyes tensed as his mouth muttered to himself. “This can’t be right, he surprisingly saved someone? Based on Jun Lin

Yuan’s character, this isn’t something he’d do. Why would he save someone?”

As an enemy of Jun Lin Yuan’s ever since their childhood until now, Yu Ming Ye was shocked.

Hearing a sound, Feng Wu subconsciously turned her head around.

Many years later, Yu Ming Ye still couldn’t forget the image of Feng Wu from the first time he saw her.

Her totally dumbstruck face turned around, that very less than ordinary young girl’s bewildered face, with a mouthful of dirt, within the dirt, there were even a few pieces of straws……that appearance cut a sorry figure beyond a sorry figure, yet also was cute beyond cute.

“Ha haha haha ——” Yu Ming Ye very sincerely faced upwards and laughed.

Feng Wu was full of complaint as she glared at him!

Two people, four eyes faced each other, in the next instant, Yu Ming Ye became aware that he was

was exposed, as he wailed loudly and ran away. It wasn’t known which tree he leapt up.

Feng Wu: “……”

Just when Feng Wu was a faceful of confusion, Fairy Mu Yao viciously glared at her again. “Don’t think just because Crown Prince Jun saved you, that you’ve entered his sights, I’m telling you, that was completely because he did it in passing, don’t think much on it!”

Feng Wu: “……woah”

“What kind of an attitude is that? Humph! Crown Prince Jun wouldn’t like you! It’s also absolutely impossible that he’ll like you! He only saved you out of convenience!”

Fairy Mu Yao seemed as if she was convincing herself as she clenched her fists.

Feng Wu simply was unable to make heads or tails of it, she ‘ptui ptt’ spit out the mud from her mouth and asked in response. “Then has he ever saved you out of convenience

of convenience before?”

Only one sentence, yet it hit right at the bull’s eye.

Fairy Mu Yao’s heart met with a ‘thump’, then she completely stiffened. She stared at Feng Wu unmovingly, unable to utter a single word.

In the next second, she finally reacted, so angry she turned and left!

Thump thump thump, the sounds of footsteps were especially loud, giving vent to the rage in her heart.

Feng Wu made a face behind Fairy Mu Yao, so rampant, the hell?

On top of a branch not far away, Yu Ming Ye bit his lower lip, that pair of attractive, romantic, watery eyes rolled.

You don’t say, Jun Lin Yuan pulled away this commonplace girl, could it be, Jun Lin Yuan surprisingly truly treated this girl differently?

Yu Ming Ye’s eyes looked up and down as he sized up Feng Wu.

An ordinary face easily lost in the crowd and not easily distinguished.

A not easily distinguished.

A slim and flimsy appearance easily blown away by the wind.

A body as good as a cripple without the slightest bit of cultivation of spirit qi.

If one insisted on finding something positive, then that pair of clean, crystal clear, big eyes could considered to be a bit of a redeeming feature.

Jun Lin Yuan … had this kind of taste? Yu Ming Ye awkwardly rubbed his chin, those sword shaped brows and starlike eyes creased very tightly.

And at just this time, the elders by Yu Ming Ye’s side already arrived, one after another, they jumped onto the trunk of an ancient tree which ten people couldn’t wrap their arms around. The head elder asked Yu Ming Ye. “What is the Young Master having difficulty with?”

Yu Ming Ye sighed a long sigh and replied. “Head elder, do you still remember what I promised previously?”

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