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Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Young Lady Who Was the Phoenix Dancing Through Landscapes

"What don't I know?"

"One is the 'Ruler Over the World', the other is a 'Phoenix Dancing Through the Landscape'* Merely a look at these two names and one can tell they're a match made in heaven! Heh! If Feng Wu was as she was in the past, an outstanding young genius, fine, we acknowledge it. However, at the moment, Feng Wu has already degenerated into a useless cripple, what right does she have to bear a name that matched with our crown prince? !"

(* TN: The 'Jun Lin' in Jun Lin Yan's name means 'ruler over', whereas 'Feng Wu' means 'phoenix dance')

These people! Qiu Ling was unbearably angry as she pressed on the table and stood up.

Feng Wu blocked her as her eyes shot a glance at Feng Xun.

Qiu Ling somewhat aggrievedly pouted! She was so angry she wanted to cry! What did her

mistress' name ever do to anybody? That it was even censured by these people? !

Opposite them, Feng Xun listened for a bit while the corners of his mouth rose into a smiling expression. "Ruler over the world? Phoenix dancing through the landscapes? Oh my goodness, if Boss Jun knew that his name was being associated with Feng Wu, tch tch tch……"

Feng Wu didn't even have time to frown when suddenly, the sound of an uproar transmitted from the crowd———-

"Eh? Wasn't this Prince Feng Xiao?"

"North Wind Prince's Mansion's young prince? The crown prince's childhood buddy? !"

"OMG! This is actually the crown prince's closest buddy! Isn't having a relationship with the young prince tantamount to having an indirect access to the crown prince? This time can be considered to be the closest I've ever come to approaching the crown prince in my lifetime!"

"Young Prince!"

A group of girls turned towards the table Feng Wu was sitting at and rushed over!

In order to avoid being squeezed by the crowd, Feng Wu hurriedly

hurriedly pulled Qiu Ling as the mistress and servant fled to one side.

Feng Xun watched the surge of girls approaching with a sickly green face!

Feng Xun was thinking: In any case, wasn't his identity as the young prince from the North Wind Prince's Palace already quite impressive? Yet whenever anybody mentioned him, their first thought was that he was the crown prince's childhood friend and attendant. Sigh, comparing oneself to another can be infuriating.

Feng Xun abruptly turned to the window and leapt, as he prepared to make a getaway————

Suddenly, an earthquake violently erupted!

Everybody stood unsteadily!

Knocking into each other in confusion, slam slam, bang, sounds of collision fell incessantly as miserable screams sounded again and again.

This unforeseen event broke out too

out too suddenly, so quickly that everybody was unable to react!

Without exception, everybody became dumbstruck.

However, this was merely the beginning!

In the next second, a blaze fell on the restaurant. With a 'swish' sound, the blaze instantly became a raging inferno!

"My god! What's going on! What happened!"

"It's a gigantic Flaming Cloud Hawk! Oh my god! The Flaming Cloud Hawk is Icebound Forest east region's hegemon and was a half step into the emperor realm!"

Oh my god! Is the Flaming Cloud Hawk coming out to bring disaster upon humans again? Not long ago, I even heard that this Flaming Cloud Hawk swallowed an entire village!"

"Is this Flaming Cloud Hawk this terrifying? !"

Right in the next second, the Cloud Gathering Pavilion that had been in business for many years was on the verge of collapse and seemed as if it would topple in a moment.

Cloud Gathering Pavilion's boss started to look unwell!

"Cloud Gathering Pavilion is going to collapse, everybody run!" Feng Wu shouted!

Woosh woosh woosh!

Everyone who was present instantly was present instantly rushed out of the restaurant!

Feng Wu raised her head and looked up at the sky.

In the blue sky above, a gigantic Flaming Cloud Hawk, whose pair of flapping wings could block the peak of a mountain, was frantically crashing in this direction!

"The giant Flaming Cloud Hawk has gone mad! It's coming out from Icebound Forest to wreck the human world again!"

"What's to be done! What're we going to do? ! Are we going to die? !"

"I only wanted to catch a glimpse at Jun Lin Yuan up close, I don't want to die!"

All of the young ladies at the scene became terrified, misery in their eyes, like frail flowers hit with rain water, lovely and pitiful.

"We won't die."

Feng Wu's eyes were somewhat sharp!

With one look, she could tell that this Flaming Cloud Hawk was being chased to kill by someone!

But other people didn't believe her.

However, in the next second ————-

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