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Chapter 396: 396

Jun Linyuan glanced at Feng Wu unhurriedly . “You want to do it?”

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Feng Wu’s eyes twinkled and she nodded repeatedly in an ingratiating manner . “Yes! Yes, of course!”

The crown prince sounded reluctant . “Well, fine . ”

Could it get any more astonishing than this?!

Granny Gong’s entire face was twitching… What… what… what happened to His Royal Highness?!

Who was this person and where was the crown prince she had known for nearly twenty years?!

And did Feng know about this? Granny Gong darted a glance at Feng .

Feng smiled bitterly . Well… he was as shocked as she was .

Jun Linyuan didn’t make it any easier for Feng Wu as he ate . He took his time and the meal lasted two hours .

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Seeing the ten empty plates on the table, Feng Wu was slightly satisfied as well .

She said proudly, “I see that you really enjoyed my cooking . ”

However, Jun Linyuan only said arrogantly, “Says who?”

Excuse me? All the plates were empty .

However, Feng Wu had figured out what Jun Linyuan’s temperament was like by now and she nodded right away . “That’s right . Your Royal Highness doesn’t like my cooking at all . I had to force you to finish everything . ”

That was more like it . Jun Linyuan snorted .

“Your Royal Highness, are you happy now?” Feng Wu looked out the window . The sun had set and it would be too late if she didn’t leave now .

“I need to take a walk . ” Jun Linyuan rose to his feet and walked out of the room .

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After a few steps, he turned around with a frown, since Feng Wu hadn’t followed him out .

Feng Wu rubbed her forehead .

What did she ever do to deserve such an unreasonable crown prince?

However, after everything she had done, she couldn’t give up now .

Hence, Feng Wu followed him out in a hurry and walked behind him .

After the young couple left, both Feng and Granny Gong sighed in relief .

“His Royal Highness is…” Granny Gong was still quite shaken . “Was that really His Royal Highness? That wasn’t an impersonator or something?”

Feng rolled his eyes .  Woman, what the hell are you thinking?

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Feng said grumpily, “Have you seen His Royal Highness behave this way around anyone else other than Miss Wu?”

Recalling the imprisoned Granny Yu, Granny Gong straightened her face and shook her head . “His Royal Highness was the same toward everyone else: relentless, overbearing, and merciless . Miss Wu is the only exception… So, His Royal Highness is really in love with Miss Wu?”

“Shush!” Feng cautioned Granny Gong . “We don’t have to point out everything . Got it?”

“Yes, of course —” Granny Gong grinned .

“I always thought that His Royal Highness was too cold . He didn’t even feel human . I thought he was going to be lonely forever, even if he got married . Seeing how childish he is around Miss Wu… I find him much more endearing this way . He’s like a normal human being now!”

Granny Gong was over the moon . She had decided that she would be very nice to Miss Wu from now on and she would make sure that everyone else in the residence did the same!

The crown prince’s residence was a vast place and Jun Linyuan was walking very fast . Feng Wu was having a hard time following him .

Jun Linyuan stopped abruptly .


Feng Wu bumped into his back, which almost gave her a nosebleed .

“You dummy!” Jun Linyuan brushed Feng Wu’s hand away from her face and he looked flustered . He raised his voice without realizing it . “Are you alright? Did you break your nose?”

An idea struck Feng Wu . What if —

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