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Published at 6th of February 2020 02:45:07 PM
Chapter 395: 395

Just as Granny Gong started to worry for Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan said quietly, “Didn’t you put it on for me last time?”

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Wait . Did he sound aggrieved?

It couldn’t be!

Granny Gong’s eyes widened and she abruptly looked up at the crown prince!

She thought she was overestimating His Royal Highness’s patience for Miss Feng Wu, but those sad puppy-dog eyes?


Granny Gong had thought that her young master was only mildly interested in Miss Wu, but as it turned out…

She was so shocked that she lost her composure!

” Cough — ”

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Feng coughed into his fist to warn Granny Gong .

And Granny Gong took the hint . She lowered her head right away, disappearing into the shadows .

She shielded the excited look on her face from the others, but it did nothing to quell her astonishment .

She finally figured out why Miss Feng Wu was able to get rid of His Royal Highness’s long-trusted wet nurse with such a simple trick .

Because His Royal Highness was crazy in love with Miss Wu! And one could say that Miss Wu was invincible!

Granny Gong almost felt pity for Granny Yu…

Meanwhile, things weren’t going smoothly for the young couple at the table either .

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu fought back her anger… As much as she was eager to get back home, she knew perfectly well that Jun Linyuan could easily keep her here forever .

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She pulled Jun Linyuan to his feet . “Fine, I’ll put it on for you . Raise your hands . Now put your hands through here . I’ll tie the strings into a bow . Is that it?”

Feng Wu didn’t walk around Jun Linyuan to tie the bow, but put her arms around him…

And it looked like she was hugging Jun Linyuan voluntarily .

Feng and Granny Gong quickly lowered their heads after a brief glance .

That one look was enough to frighten them out of their wits!

The smile on His Royal Highness’s face and that satisfied look in his eyes… This was the first time they had seen the crown prince this way after working for him for so many years .

That was it… Their crown prince was hopelessly in love .

Feng and Granny Gong both smiled wryly .

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Feng Wu had no idea of any of this . After tying the apron on, she grinned at Jun Linyuan . “Your Royal Highness, are you ready to eat now?”

Jun Linyuan glanced casually at the table .

Last time, Feng Xun and the others had been all over the food, but now, he had everything to himself and little Feng Wu had made all the dishes for him alone .

The crown prince raised his chin in satisfaction . “My hands hurt . ”

Blue veins popped at the corner of Feng Wu’s forehead!

Why was it so difficult to get him to eat?!

Taking a deep breath to fight back her fury, Feng Wu put on a perfectly sweet smile . “Your Royal Highness, what are we going to do about that?”

Jun Linyuan gave Feng Wu a half-smile . “I’m not happy if I don’t eat . ”

And when Jun Linyuan wasn’t happy, he wouldn’t give her the things she needed .

Feng Wu smiled even more sweetly to the point that it looked cloying . “So, Your Royal Highness, shall I feed you?”

Jun Linyuan raised his chin arrogantly . “That won’t be necessary . ”

He was being very difficult, again .

Feng Wu took Jun Linyuan by his arm . “Your Royal Highness, please let me feed you . ”

Jun Linyuan said haughtily, “No . ”

“Your Royal Highness —” Despite her frustration, Feng Wu make herself look very eager as she said, “Your Royal Highness, it’ll be my great honor to feed you . Would you grant my request, please?”

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