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Published at 6th of February 2020 02:45:07 PM
Chapter 394: 394

Feng Wu pressed Jun Linyuan down into his chair at the table, then smiled at him with her palms together .

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Eat, then give me back my brother .

Jun Linyuan frowned and stared at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu was confused . “What? You don’t like the food? But you haven’t tried any of them yet . How do you know you don’t like them?”

Jun Linyuan kept staring at Feng Wu with his bright, black eyes and his lips were pursed in a thin line . After a long moment, he gave her an aggrieved look . “The apron . ”

Feng Wu smacked her forehead!

They had eaten at her place before, which was why she had the aprons . Where was she supposed to get one here in the crown prince’s residence?

Feng Wu shook her head . “Don’t you change your clothes every day? Throw them away if you get grease on it . Just eat . ”

Feng Wu handed him a pair of chopsticks as she spoke .

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It was getting dark and without her at home, Lady Wang could make her beautiful mother’s life miserable . Feng Wu wanted to get back ASAP .

However, Jun Linyuan kept staring at her with sad puppy-dog eyes .

Recalling what a neat freak Jun Linyuan was, Feng Wu took a deep breath . “Fine . I’ll get you an apron . Granny Gong —”

Granny Gong stepped out right away .

“Could you fetch me an apron, please?” Feng Wu said .

Granny Gong went out in a hurry, and only let out a breath of relief when she was outside .

His Royal Highness was really…

Granny Gong had only had suspicions before . However, after seeing how the crown prince behaved around Miss Wu, Granny Gong was convinced that His Royal Highness was in love with the girl .

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“Quickly! Get me an apron!” Granny Gong sent a servant to fetch it .

Although she was bewildered herself as to why His Royal Highness was so insistent on having an apron .

Soon, the servants came back with 100 aprons .

They were of every color, every pattern, and every material one could think of .

“Which one?” Feng Wu asked Jun Linyuan .

Jun Linyuan glanced at her . “Up to you . ”

And that was the most difficult choice . Feng Wu would rather he told her his preference .

Well, if he said so… Feng Wu’s eyes flickered teasingly . She picked a bright red one, then turned to Jun Linyuan with a grin . “This one looks really nice . There you go . ”

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The look Jun Linyuan gave Feng Wu made her shudder inwardly .

Fine, she would stop trying to make fun of him . The next one Feng Wu picked was of a light blue color that matched Jun Linyuan’s clothes . “This looks nice . ”

The look in Jun Linyuan’s eyes wasn’t that cold anymore . So, this one was fine .

“Put it on, then . ” Feng Wu handed him the light blue apron .

However, the crown prince just kept staring at her with those eyes as deep as bottomless pits .

Feng Wu was bewildered and a little cross at that look on his face .

She was really worried about what was going on back at home and she really needed to go back now .

She lost her patience . “I’ve fetched you the apron and picked the right color as you asked . What more do you what? Why is it so difficult to get you to eat?”

Feng was rendered speechless by Feng Wu’s words .

The muscles on Granny Gong’s face twitched .

That was so bold! Even she could tell how impatient Miss Wu was and there was no way that the bright crown prince could miss it .

His Royal Highness was so arrogant and short-tempered… Miss Wu was going to be in a lot of trouble .

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