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Published at 4th of February 2020 02:30:06 PM
Chapter 390: 390
Chapter 390: Be Nice to Me, Okay?

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“That’s right . Master Chang San made a mistake and Miss Zuo appealed to His Royal Highness on his behalf . Then —”

Everyone turned to look at Chang San .

They all remembered .

The punishment was 60 lashes to begin with, but after Zuo Qingluan’s appeal, the proud crown prince made it 120!

The flesh on Chang San’s back had been torn to shreds . It was horrifying .

No one had thought less of Miss Zuo, for she had only done it out of kindness . However, given the incident with Feng Wu today… They began to feel otherwise .

Chang San frowned . “I heard from those at court that Miss Zuo is going to marry His Royal Highness . ”

Everyone turned to look in the direction of the main hall .

Things were getting complicated .

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Zhen Xia kept her silence the entire time, but the look on her face was indecipherable .

Feng Wu… Feng Wu… Feng Wu… You just won’t go away!

Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan were the only two left in the room .

The sound of Yu Chun being caned came from outside .

Her screams were bloodcurdling .

Right now, two guards held a cane each and they took turns hitting Yu Chun .

Granny Yu stayed with Yu Chun and kept her cold gaze on those guards .

The art of caning was quite complicated .

If the cane was aimed at one’s lumbar vertebra, it would take less than five strikes to paralyze a person for the rest of their lives .

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Under Granny Yu’s stern gaze, the guards exchanged looks and struck with less and less force…

After all, she used to be His Royal Highness’s wet nurse and she was in charge of the daily tasks in the residence .

Back in the main hall .

Feng Wu was deep in thought .

From how hostile Jun Linyuan had always been toward her, Feng Wu had expected Jun Linyuan to stand up for his maid and try to punish Feng Wu; she had been ready for another row with the crown prince .

However —

Yu Chun turned out to be the one who got punished .

Moreover, the crown prince had changed his mind because of what she said . Judging by the astonished looks the others gave her, could it be that Jun Linyuan had never changed his mind for another person before?

“Can it be that Jun Linyuan actually likes me?” Since she had no one else to turn to, Feng Wu could only ask Little Phoenix .

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Little Phoenix, the unreliable adviser, shuddered . “Have you lost your mind?”

“What?” Feng Wu was bewildered .

Little Phoenix asked, “Does he talk to you nicely?”

Feng Wu shook her head . “No, he’s always grumpy . ”

Little Phoenix then asked, “Has he ever said things like he likes you or he finds you adorable?”

Feng Wu said, “Are you kidding me? He only says how much he doesn’t like me . ”

Little Phoenix rolled its eyes . “So, what gave you the idea that he’s in love with you? You’re overthinking it . ”

Feng Wu rubbed her nose . “But, didn’t he punish that maid?”

Little Phoenix snapped, “That girl was insubordinate . What else was he supposed to do?”

Feng Wu said, “But… if he doesn’t like me, why does he make me stay with him all the time?”

Little Phoenix threw a dirty look at Feng Wu . “He’s just enjoying himself . To him, you’re like a spiritual pet . He’ll cast you aside when he’s busy and only come to play with you when he’s bored . Isn’t that what he’s been doing?”

Was it? Feng Wu thought back to what Jun Linyuan had been doing and she saw the light!

“You’re so right…” Feng Wu sighed .

Unaware that it had misled Feng Wu, Little Phoenix wiggled its colorful tail and gloated . “You won’t find a bird as clever as me every day . So, be nice to me, okay?”

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