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Chapter 39

Chapter 39: I Am Yu Ming Ye!

An ice-cold straw yellow beam streaked across the sky while Yu Ming Ye miserably discovered that he couldn’t move anymore——

Jun Lin Yuan still hadn’t arrived, seeing that he’s going to obtain the Immortal Spirit Fruit a step ahead……after that, he was stopped in his tracks?

At this moment, Yu Ming Ye’s heart practically collapsed.

How could it be like this!

How could he be injured like this!

However, not only was his body unable to move, he couldn’t even make a sound, his appearance was wretched beyond wretched.

What’s even more tragic was that the ninth evolution Jade Saint Python had discovered his existence——

That thick and solid body slithered all the way down, the red serpent tongue slid by the side of his neck.

Fortunately, the three elders he brought

reacted quickly as they soared to the skies and used their strength to draw away the ninth evolutions Jade Saint Python’s hostility while simultaneously leading it to leave……

Like that, would Yu Ming Ye better off?

In reality, this person was originally a brilliant, splendid young man, yet once he met Jun Lin Yuan, he became a most miserable poor devil.

When Jun Lin Yuan leapt towards the top of the overhanging cliff, he borrowed the cliff’s potential energy, what he stepped on, was Yu Ming Ye’s head!

Not only that, he even stepped on it twice in a row!

What made him so angry that he could spit blood was that Jun Lin Yuan surprisingly even couldn’t remember his name!

Jun, Lin, Yuan, surprisingly, couldn’t, remember, his, name? !

The shock was so great, Yu Ming Ye

Ye nearly spit blood and died!

“I am Yu Ming Ye argh, argh, argh, arrgghh! ! !”

In the boundless dim light of night, Yu Ming Ye recovered his strength. He rushed towards the direction Jun Lin Yuan’s group headed off to with a rallying cry!

However, as far as who answered him, besides the rustling wind, there wasn’t any other sound.

“You stepped on my head aah aah aah arrgghh! ! ! !”

Yu Ming Ye was so angry he nearly spit blood!

He unexpectedly said he didn’t step on anybody, and even couldn’t say his full name, so annoying, so upsetting!

Truly, was, very, infuriating!

Whether there was the Immortal Spirit Fruit or no Immortal Spirit Fruit, in fact, Yu Ming Ye didn’t really care about that. After all, the reason why he appeared here was merely to

merely to choke Jun Lin Yuan. Because Jun Lin Yuan wanted to obtain the Immortal Spirit Fruit, his goal then was to prevent Jun Lin Yuan from obtaining it.

“It’s been unexpectedly obtained by you……Jun Lin Yuan, do you think that this matter will conclude like this? No way!” Yu Ming Yuan clenched his fist tightly. “You’ll very quickly realize how incredible I, Yu Ming Ye, am!”

Just at this time, a burst of undulations arrived in front of him.

Yu Ming Ye’s heart gladdened. His elders had returned!

Indeed, the three elders arrived simultaneously, following behind them was even the wounded Jade Saint Python.

Yu Ming Ye coldly laughed. “Jun Lin Yuan, do you think that the Immortal Spirit Fruit is so easy to obtain? Just wait and see!”

Finished talking, Yu Ming Ye then led the Jade led the Jade Saint Python towards Jun Lin Yuan’s direction!

At the front, their group was currently moving rapidly.

Even the always delicately pretty Fairy Mu Yao was presently completely focused on hurrying at high speed.

Just at this time, behind everyone came an explosive hissing roar!

“Thievesss of the Immortal Spirit Fruit, where will you run!”

The Jade Saint Python spit out a very long serpent’s tongue from its mouth, the python’s tongue was just like a strip of red ribbon, streaking across the sky in an arc!

The direction the python launched its tongue towards was unexpectedly Feng Wu’s!

From the start, Feng Xun haven’t had a chance to notice. By the time he took notice, it was already too late!

Feng Wu only felt something cold behind her as the shadow of death enveloped around her——

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