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Published at 3rd of February 2020 02:45:06 PM
Chapter 389: 389

Looking at Granny Yu, Feng Wu’s eyes glinted coldly .

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Yu Chun was an imbecile, but not her mother . Granny Yu had both the guts and the brain . It wouldn’t be wise for Feng Wu to make an enemy of her .

However, since Yu Chun had decided to work against Feng Wu, there was no way around it .

Yu Chun looked up in surprise when she heard Granny Yu’s request .

“Mother —”

“I suggest a punishment of 80 lashes with the cane . If Your Royal Highness will give the order, please?” Granny Yu said in an even voice .

Caning? 80 lashes?!

Yu Chun thought she was going to lose her mind .


“Your Royal Highness, I would like to request the punishment be executed immediately!” Granny Yu was trying to figure out how important Feng Wu was to Jun Linyuan .

Jun Linyuan’s eyes flickered . “Go ahead . ”

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Those two words astonished everyone inside and outside the room!

Zhen Xia was outside, but she heard that cold voice .

Caning Yu Chun 80 times, immediately .  Go ahead… go ahead…

Zhen Xia clenched her fists so tightly that her fingernails almost dug into her palms!

His Royal Highness always covered for his own people whatever their faults . As Granny Yu’s only child, Yu Chun had practically grown up with His Royal Highness . However, even with that history, Yu Chun was still nothing compared with Feng Wu, the ex-fiancee!

Who was this Miss Wu to His Royal Highness?

Jun Linyuan’s instruction immediately silenced all the servants in the residence, and everyone held their breaths…

“Isn’t 80 lashes a bit too much?” Tugging at Jun Linyuan’s sleeve, Feng Wu frowned .

Jun Linyuan darted a look at Feng Wu . “How many, then?”

“60?” Feng Wu smiled .

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Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu .

“Make it 60, alright? She’d be dead after 80 lashes,” Feng Wu said light-heartedly .

Everyone kept their silence and lowered their heads, but their ears pricked up —

Miss Feng had just touched a sore spot…

There were a lot of gloating grins and even Feng couldn’t help but frown .

His Royal Highness’s word was the final verdict and he never changed his mind, not for anyone .

Asking for a favor at this point would have serious consequences!

No one made a sound .

Just when a lot of people were waiting for Feng Wu’s downfall —

Jun Linyuan waved his hand impatiently . “Fine, 60 . Feng —”

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Feng took the hint right away . There were too many people in the room for Jun Linyuan’s liking .

Yu Chun didn’t dare make a sound, for she knew the crown prince very well . Try to delay the punishment with crying, and Jun Linyuan would make it 600 instead .


Everyone stole glances at Feng Wu before they retreated .

There was amazement, astonishment, and reverence in their eyes…

Miss Wu had asked for a favor and nothing happened to her?!

How was that even possible?!

However, Feng cleared them all out before they could express their amazement .

They were still bewildered when they got outside .

“That’s not right…”

“That’s an understatement!”

“That’s… so big . ”

Chang San was equally baffled .

They only summoned the courage to talk once they were far enough from the main hall .

“What happened there? Why do all of you look like you’ve seen a ghost?”

“It’s unbelievable . Miss Wu is really something!”

“Why do you say that?”

“Yu Chun was going to get caned 80 times for offending Miss Wu, but Miss Wu appealed to His Royal Highness and His Royal Highness changed it to 60 . Do you remember what happened with Miss Zuo a while ago?”

“As in Zuo Qingluan?”

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