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Chapter 381: 381

Seeing the eager look on Feng Wu’s face, Jun Linyuan almost gave it to her right away . However —

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He snorted . The girl couldn’t fool him . He knew perfectly well that the moment she took hold of the thing, she would forget all about him . Hence —

Jun Linyuan darted an arrogant glance at Feng Wu . “You want to see it?”

Feng Wu nodded eagerly .

Little Phoenix held its breath and trembled with excitement .

However, as Feng Wu eyed Jun Linyuan expectantly, the proud crown prince casually stuffed the bead into his waistband, then shrugged at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu: !!!

How annoying!

“You want it?” Jun Linyuan smiled like a fox .

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Feng Wu looked away, too pissed to talk to him!

“You really want it?” Jun Linyuan poked Feng Wu’s shoulder with a long finger .

Feng Wu went on sulking .

He was enjoying himself so much, wasn’t he?

Seeing that Feng Wu wouldn’t talk to him, Jun Linyuan moved closer and poked Feng Wu in the shoulder again . “Little Feng Wu, little Feng Wu —”

That was so childish!

Feng Wu spun around and glared at him . “You must be enjoying yourself so much!”

She was really angry .

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She couldn’t figure out why this world was so unfair, for everything she needed was now in Jun Linyuan’s possession .

Feng Xiaoqi, Little Phoenix’s abnormal flame bead, the broken star piece to save her master… Jun Linyuan had them all, and he wasn’t giving any of them back!

The girl’s features were exquisite . Her cheeks were flushed, and the angry fire in her eyes reminded him of an indignant little lion . She looked so lovely .

Jun Linyuan had an impulse to rub her head, but he knew that would only set her off, so he restrained himself .

He coughed into his fist . “I didn’t say I wouldn’t give it to you . ”

New hope sprang up in Feng Wu!

But she kept her angry face on and glowered at Jun Linyuan . “Name your terms!”

Jun Linyuan quickly glanced at Feng Wu and saw that she was still angry . He had yet to recover from the girl’s furious accusations earlier and he decided that it would be better not to enrage her further .

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“Maybe I’ll just give it to you if I’m in a good mood . ” Jun Linyuan dropped the hint .

Feng Wu then asked a silly question . Moving closer, she stared at Jun Linyuan unblinkingly . “What do I have to do to get you in a good mood, then?”

Kiss me .

Those words popped into Jun Linyuan’s head involuntarily, which frightened even him!

” Ahem — ” He cleared his throat to cover it up .

Feng Wu felt uneasy . She sat down next to Jun Linyuan and grabbed him by the arm . “Tell me . What do I have to do?”

She desperately needed what Jun Linyuan held in his possession .

Her brother, the abnormal flame bead, the broken star piece… She needed them all!

“Well —”

Jun Linyuan was as scheming as he was proud . Once he realized how valuable the chip he held was, he knew he had a lot of bargaining power .

“I’m feeling peckish —” Rubbing his belly, he glanced at Feng Wu in a haughty manner .

Feng Wu was speechless . She knew what was going on here . The crown prince was going to make her life difficult again .

Well, she could adapt very easily and she didn’t mind giving in a little every now and then .

“I can cook!” Feng Wu swayed Jun Linyuan’s arm back and forth . “I’ll cook for you!”

Looking down, Jun Linyuan met the girl’s bright black eyes . His face lit up a little and his heart skipped a beat . However, he kept his face straight and pretended to ponder the proposition .

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