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Chapter 380: 380

Jun Linyuan had destroyed his own carriage and Feng’s carriage was the only one left .

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After the two teenagers got in, Feng stood behind the carriage and sighed .

That was the only carriage they had now . Destroy this one and everyone would have to walk .

Sigh .  The crown prince was the heir born to inherit the entire empire… He had been as disciplined as an eighty-year-old since he was little . Never had Feng expected that Jun Linyuan would lose control like everyone else when he was around a girl he liked .

Well, that was what teenagers were supposed to be like . Crossing his hands behind his back, Feng beamed .

Inside the carriage, neither Feng Wu nor Jun Linyuan would look at the other and it was very awkward .

Jun Linyuan then stared at Feng Wu, but Feng Wu turned to look the other way .

She refused to talk to him!

Jun Linyuan’s attitude had been softened by Feng Wu’s speech just then . However, now that he had calmed down, he was back to his old arrogant self .

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Darting a glance at Feng Wu, he said, “That was very bold of you to talk to a crown prince like that . ”

Feng Wu kept her face emotionless and snorted inwardly .

Seeing that Feng Wu wouldn’t answer, Jun Linyuan glanced at her again . “And you yelled at me . Do you know that you can be executed for that?”

Feng Wu grunted, but still wouldn’t talk to him .

Jun Linyuan gave her an arrogant look . “That was just an angry outburst, wasn’t it? I know you still like me a lot . ”

Feng Wu turned the other way to look at the view outside .

Actually, she was listening to Little Phoenix’s complaints .

“Little Feng Wu! Ahhh! Bad news!!!”

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By now, Feng Wu had become inured to Little Phoenix’s constant and agitated screams . She asked in resignation, “What now?”

“Weren’t you all over that bad prince’s mouth just then?”

“I wasn’t!” Feng Wu snapped .

“Fine, that bad prince was all over your mouth! That’s not the point . The point is that when that happened, I realized that you can no longer suck any abnormal flame out of him!” Little Phoenix said with a long face . “I’ve lost my chance to get out! Again!”

Feng Wu smacked her forehead .

“You have to think of a way! Ahhh! I can teleport you everywhere when I get out and no one will be able to catch you that easily! Ahhh —”

The screaming gave Feng Wu a headache . “But what can I possibly do? That abnormal flame was removed . ”

“Ahhh! Look! What’s that bad prince holding?!” Little Phoenix trembled with excitement .

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Feng Wu turned her gaze back to Jun Linyuan’s hands .

Right now, he was playing with a golden bead .

Feng Wu sensed something familiar… It was that abnormal flame, the one Little Phoenix had been dreaming of .

That excited Feng Wu and she almost jumped at Jun Linyuan!

Playing with the abnormal flame bead, Jun Linyuan was trying to figure out a way to get Feng Wu talking .

“That bead…” Feng Wu took a deep breath and stared at Jun Linyuan . “What is it?”

The girl was talking to him!

The crestfallen crown prince got his confidence back right away!

He knew it! The girl still liked him! Otherwise, she wouldn’t have taken the initiative to talk to him .

Once Feng Wu spoke, Jun Linyuan was as arrogant as before . He gave Feng Wu an indifferent glance and asked, “Interested?”

Feng Wu nodded . “May I have a look?”

As long as she took hold of it, she would never give it back .

The abnormal flame bead was nothing of great value, but it had been taken out of little Feng Wu, which was why Jun Linyuan had kept it on him . Seeing it would remind him of little Feng Wu —

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