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Chapter 376: 376

Seeing that Young Lord Feng still wouldn’t let go of Feng Wu, Feng shook his head with a wry smile . Had the crown prince passed on some of his silliness to his friend?

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“Miss Wu, please get in . ”

Feng invited Feng Wu in .

“But, Feng —” Feng Xun frowned and was about to say something, but Feng stopped him with a shake of his head .

Feng Wu threw Feng Xun’s hands off and dashed into the carriage immediately .

Feng Xun was very mad!

Why wouldn’t little Feng Wu listen to him? Why was she so in love with Boss Jun? The latter would kick her out!

However, up until the carriage set out —

“Why hasn’t Boss Jun kicked little Feng Wu out?” Scratching his head, Feng Xun was amazed .

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Feng looked up at the sky… How could he make Feng Xun see that the proud crown prince had been waiting there all this time just for Feng Wu? Kick her out? What was Feng Xun thinking?

Feng decided to be nice and he reminded Feng Xun, “Young lord, as a matter of fact, His Royal Highness is…”

“I know!” Feng Xun said in a regretful tone . “Boss Jun isn’t interested in girls and he likes little Feng Wu even less . That girl is so smart, but how can she be so foolish in that respect? I just can’t stop her! Sigh !”

The corner of Feng’s mouth twitched and he didn’t know what to say…

Just as Feng was finally able to come up with a speech that would enlighten Young Lord Feng without hurting his pride, Feng Xun’s mother beckoned her son over .

“My mother needs me . Feng, please keep an eye on little Feng Wu . ” Feng Xun cupped his hands at Feng, then hurried off .

Feng smacked his forehead . This job was so demanding!

Back in the carriage, it was deadly silent .

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The proud crown prince was very generous with the cold air he was giving off, and Feng Wu shivered from the chill .

This was so strange . Jun Linyuan had been very demanding only just then . Why was he being so lofty all of a sudden?

She would do anything for that broken star piece and her master! Feng Wu made a fist .

“Jun Linyuan…”

Feng Wu tried to say something to ease the tension .

However, as soon as she opened her mouth, Jun Linyuan smiled contemptuously .

He was smirking .

Feng Wu only found him ridiculous . What was his problem?

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But, in order to save her beautiful master… She could stand something much worse than a smirk! She was very adaptable that way .

Feng Wu moved a little closer in Jun Linyuan’s direction .

The crown prince turned away in an arrogant manner and looked out the window . However, he wasn’t paying any attention to the view outside .

“Hey —”

Feng Wu poked Jun Linyuan’s waist with a finger, but the proud crown prince still ignored her .

That pissed Feng Wu off a little . Summoning up her courage, she reached out with a hand, took Jun Linyuan’s chin, and turned his head toward her .

And their eyes met —

The look in Jun Linyuan’s eyes was bone-chillingly cold!

Only then did Feng Wu realize what she had done…

She let go of Jun Linyuan, stepped back, and said awkwardly, “I… well…”

What Feng Wu failed to notice was that the crown prince’s earlobes had turned pink…

Jun Linyuan looked conflicted when he glared at Feng Wu . “Feng Wu!”

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