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Chapter 375: 375

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Xun grumpily .

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As soon as he got into the carriage, Feng Xun realized the unusual silence… and the drop in temperature .

Boss Jun stared at him unblinkingly and the cold gaze felt like a cold blade on Feng Xun’s skin .

A chilly sensation ran down Feng Xun’s spine!

Boss Jun was in a bad mood…

Realizing that, Feng Xun cleared his throat . “Well… That thing with Yan Yan needs wrapping up… I’ll get on with it…”

After that, he dashed off without hesitation .

Someone had pissed off Boss Jun again, and hanging around that guy would be suicidal at the moment . Feng Xun wasn’t that dumb .

As soon as he jumped out of the carriage, he saw Feng Wu running toward it .

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And he grabbed Feng Wu by her arm right away .

The sudden intervention made Feng Wu stumble and she almost fell .

Feng Xun steadied Feng Wu by wrapping his arm around her waist and he said involuntarily, “Watch out . ”

Neither of them noticed the chilly air spreading out from the carriage a short distance away…

“Where are you going?” Seeing that Feng Wu was rushing toward Jun Linyuan’s carriage, Feng Xun was scared out of his wits .

Feng Wu said, “I need to see Jun Linyuan . ”

“No!” Feng Xun turned her down right away . “Not now!”

“Let go of me . ”

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“Little Feng Wu, please do as I say . You really can’t go there right now!” Feng Xun said in exasperation . “Boss Jun is in a terrible mood at the moment and whatever you’re going to do, you’ll only offend him . So, please stay away from the carriage —”

Feng Wu said, “Just let go of me!”

Feng Xun was very persistent . “I’m not going to let you get yourself killed!”

Feng Wu was speechless .

Seeing Feng Wu and Feng Xun’s interaction, the temperature around the crown prince dropped even further .

Frost crept up the inside walls of the carriage and even Feng shuddered inwardly . It was really cold .

Feng Xun also sensed the murderous energy in the air and he said earnestly to Feng Wu, “Can’t you feel it? That’s from Boss Jun! You’re asking to get killed if you go to him now!”

However, Feng Wu couldn’t care less about that .

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She had to have that broken star piece!

It was like Little Phoenix said: what if Jun Linyuan consumed that piece himself? There were only five of them in the entire world, and without this one, what would happen to her beautiful master…

She couldn’t risk it .

At that thought, Feng Wu pushed Feng Xun away . “I have my own reasons and I have to see Jun Linyuan now . Feng Xun, please stay out of it . ”

At the same time .

Inside the carriage .

Feng darted a look at the crown prince, whose face had turned livid, and he sighed inwardly . Turning the carriage into an icehouse seemed to be the only thing the crown prince knew to do, which definitely wasn’t the way to get girls . Should he remind his young master?

Being a steward was such a tough job . Feng waved his hands and deliberately instructed the driver, “We’re going back now . ”

At those words, the crown prince’s face turned as dark as a stormy sky .

And he cast a stern look at Feng!

“Sir, if you really like Feng Wu…” Feng tried to talk some sense into the teenager .

“I like her?!” Jun Linyuan snorted . “Are you blind? Who told you I liked that frivolous woman?!”

Feng rubbed his nose and smiled bitterly . He really wanted to remind the crown prince that if he kept treating Feng Wu in this manner, he would never win her heart…

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