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Chapter 374: 374

That made Feng Wu shudder right away!

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If Jun Linyuan consumed that broken star piece himself, then her beautiful master would…

Feng Wu was scared out of her wits in that instant . There was no time to think, and she dashed off like a gust of wind!

Everyone else was baffled…

“Miss Feng Wu followed His Royal Highness out? Just like that?”

“Doesn’t she realize how impatient His Royal Highness was with her?”

Yan Yan took the chance to exclaim, “See? I was telling the truth! Feng Wu just can’t leave His Royal Highness alone! She’s a good-for-nothing and all she knows to do is follow His Royal Highness around!”


Sir Yan had had enough and he slapped Yan Yan .

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If it hadn’t been for his imbecilic daughter, the Yan family would never have been humiliated like this today and the crown prince would never have taken that broken star piece, which had taken Sir Yan some painstaking effort to obtain .

To make matters worse, the lives of his favorite concubine and his unborn child were hanging in the balance .

Sir Yan was furious!

Just then, Feng Xun, who had gone to the royal palace to fetch Master Chu, came back with the latter . After showing Master Chu the way, Feng Xun ran off hurriedly to find Jun Linyuan .

With his current status, Sir Yan was able to invite Master Chu over by trying very hard .

At that moment, a scream came from inside .

Master Chu’s face went livid and he glared at Sir Yan . “Can’t you see how much pain the lady is in? And all that you people are doing is to stand around here and bicker?”

Sir Yan was rendered speechless . He cupped his hands at Master Chu and took the latter to Lady Tang .

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Master Chu checked the patient and immediately looked surprised . He cupped his hands at Sir Yan, then turned to leave .

Vexed, Sir Yan stopped Master Chu right away .

Master Chu was the head of the bureau of physicians and the best physician in the imperial city .

Master Chu was very straightforward . “The lady suffers from chronic poisoning, from a rare toxic mixture of the juices of Dark Netherworld Dragon Tongue Grass and Dry Ginger Grass . That male fetus is long dead and there’s nothing I can do . ”

“What?!” Sir Yan almost blacked out .

The old lady, who had managed to stand up with much difficulty, looked dazed, as if she had just been struck by a thunderbolt .

“A dead fetus? But how… how…”

Master Chu snapped . “How? Ask whoever poisoned her . This is such bad luck for me . ”

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He stormed off after that, as quickly as he had arrived .

All of the Yan family were greatly shaken!

The old lady said repeatedly, “A male fetus? Male… It was a boy…”

Sir Yan was too devastated to speak .

God knew how desperately he had waited for a male heir all these years…

At that thought, Sir Yan darted a vicious glance at Yan Yan, which reminded her of a bloodthirsty wolf!

Yan Yan’s stomach lurched!

Frightened by Feng Wu, Yan Yan had herself admitted in front of everyone that she had poisoned Lady Tang . There was no taking it back now .

More than anything, she regretted coming up with this plan .

If she hadn’t tried to frame Feng Wu, the fact that she had poisoned Lady Tang would never have been exposed… Lady Tang would have had a stillborn baby and lost all of Sir Yan’s favor . That way, no one would have linked it to Yan Yan . But now…

Yan Yan was too overwhelmed by regret to shed tears…

Meanwhile, outside the Yan manor .

Jun Linyuan had gotten into his carriage .

“Wait for me! Wait —”

Feng Xun arrived like a gust of wind and he was going to hop into the carriage . But —

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