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Published at 26th of January 2020 03:05:07 PM
Chapter 373: 373

Feng Wu eyed the exquisite box in Jun Linyuan’s hands .  Gimme… please give it to me… Aww —

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That was the broken star piece that could save her master!

Feng Wu gazed at it anxiously, straining her eyes .

“You want it?” The crown prince’s teasing voice rang out next to her .

“Yes —” Feng Wu nodded repeatedly .

Seeing little Feng Wu hop around like an adorable puppy, Jun Linyuan was amused . The girl was always so grumpy and wouldn’t stop yelling at him . This was his first time seeing her this docile .

He wanted to rub her little head so bad .


Crossing his hands behind his back, he darted a haughty look at Feng Wu . “Say please . ”

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Wasn’t she so proud? He wanted to see her beg him for it .

Feng Wu would do anything for that broken star piece and she blurted out, “Please . ”

She kept her eyes on the wooden box in Jun Linyuan’s hands the entire time, as if drawn by a magnet .

Although Feng Wu did what he had asked, the proud crown prince still didn’t cheer up .

Holding the box, Jun Linyuan racked his brain .

He had asked Sir Yan for that broken star piece so that he could give it to Feng Wu . However, would she stay this way if he gave it to her?

Once he figured that out, Jun Linyuan changed his mind . He stuffed that small box in his chest pocket and… That was it .


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Feng Wu cried out in surprise!

Her pitiful eyes instantly burst into flames and she glared at Jun Linyuan!

Seeing the cute puppy turn into an angry bird in a split second, Jun Linyuan found it very interesting . He cleared his throat and told Sir Yan, “I’ll take this . ”

After that, Jun Linyuan gave a wave of his hand, crossed his hands behind his back, and left without hesitation…

He left… just like that!

Feng Wu was exasperated!

How could he do that?!

He had promised that he would give her the broken star piece if she begged him! How could he go back on his word like that?!

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If she knew this was going to happen, she would rather that the piece remain where it was; at least she would be able to steal it from Sir Yan .

Why didn’t she follow him out… Jun Linyuan slowed down so that Feng Wu could keep up with him .

RIght now, Feng Wu’s fists were clenched in rage and her face was flushed from the agitation . For a moment, she wasn’t sure what to do .

“Follow him! Ahhh —” Little Phoenix rolled around in the ring in exasperation . “Your master will wake up for a brief moment when each broken piece is placed in his forehead . So just go!”

Her beautiful master would wake up for a moment with each broken piece?

Feng Wu was astonished by that piece of information . “My master… will wake up? Really?”

Tears welled up in Feng Wu’s eyes .

Her beautiful master would wake up for a moment…

And he would talk to her?

Would she really be able to see her master wake up again?

Feng Wu’s vision blurred with her tears .

Little Phoenix flew around in circles . “There are only five of them in the entire world! Go with him! Now! That crown prince is so evil . What if he uses it on himself?!”

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