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Published at 24th of January 2020 08:20:09 AM
Chapter 367: 367

Chapter 367: Jun Linyuan in Action

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Master Bai always spoke his mind, not to mention that with Jun Linyuan here, he couldn’t keep anything back even if he wanted to .

Ignoring all the warning glances Sir Yan was shooting at him, Master Bai said in a solemn voice, “From what I have here, I can confirm that the mixture made from the material Miss Feng provided is indeed Dry Leaf Dragon Tongue Potion, a potion that can induce miscarriage . ”

Yan Yan was furious . Raising her chin, she snorted . “That’s bullshit! It’s not Dry Leaf Dragon Tongue Potion!”

Sir Yan’s face was livid . He was way too smart to be tricked by Yan Yan, and because of that, he couldn’t let that accusation stick .

He could punish Yan Yan after the banquet was over . If that charge stuck, Yan Yan’s reputation would be ruined forever .

Therefore —

The old fox stared at Feng Wu and said unhurriedly, “Miss Wu, that’s a very serious accusation —”

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After that, he darted a warning glance at Feng Yanfeng!

If Feng Yanfeng still wanted that position, he had to step out and get Feng Wu under control!

Feng Yanfeng had been observing and weighing the options all this time —

He realized that Jun Linyuan really wasn’t going to take Feng Wu’s side, and what was more, the crown prince was quite impatient with the girl . Hence, Feng Yanfeng decided to stick with Sir Yan .

“Feng Wu! Do you really think you’re some sort of doctor? You know nothing! You’re not even a junior medicine refiner! Stop making yourself a laughingstock and get back here!”

As the head of the Feng clan, Feng Yanfeng scolded Feng Wu in a harsh tone!

There was nothing he could do to Master Bai, and stopping Feng Wu was his only option .

He thought that he had given Feng Wu enough hints . If the girl had any sense, she would stop what she was doing and admit to everything they had accused her of . That way, she would be helping the entire Feng clan . Such was what Feng Yanfeng hoped to get from Feng Wu .

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Once Sir Yan had spoken, Yan Yan regained her confidence . Resting her hands on her waist, she snorted . “Feng Wu, get down on your knees and apologize to me . Or I’ll see you in court and there will be consequences!”

She was blatantly bullying Feng Wu .

With Sir Yan and the head of the Feng clan on Yan Yan’s side, she was never going to lose that lawsuit!

However —

The crown prince was unhappy to see everyone turn against Feng Wu .

He frowned and the look on his face turned very grim .

No one could pick on that little fox except for himself . Who did all these imbeciles think they were? How dare they?

To make it worse, that girl remained so stubborn after everything they had done! Would it kill her to plead him for help?

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At that thought, Jun Linyuan couldn’t help but throw a disappointed glance at Feng Wu!

Feng Wu was baffled…

What had she done now?

Jun Linyuan gritted his teeth at the bewildered look on Feng Wu’s face . That dumb woman! He was going to explode!

Although she hadn’t said anything, he still couldn’t help standing up for her . What was wrong with him?!

Hence, the crown prince rose to his feet all of a sudden!

Everyone turned to him in confusion .

Was His Royal Highness leaving?

Dragging Feng Wu out from behind him, Jun Linyuan asked through gritted teeth, “How do you tell if it really is the potion you’re talking about?”

At that moment, Feng Wu was smirking inwardly at Feng Yanfeng the opportunist, and was trying to figure out a way to force Yan Yan to drink that potion . She blurted out her reply at Jun Linyuan’s question .

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