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Published at 24th of January 2020 03:50:35 PM
Chapter 362

Chapter 362: The Spectacular Duo

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A pair of long, straight legs stopped in front of Feng Wu, and Jun Linyuan stared at her with a face that was colder than frost .

This ungrateful girl! Recalling her false accusation when all he had done was try to save her, Jun Linyuan was also angry . Therefore, he just stood there, staring at Feng Wu!

For a moment, the entire yard seemed to be covered in frost and the temperature dropped .

Many looked up discreetly and tried to steal glances to see what was going on .

That was weird…

Why was the crown prince just standing there in front of Feng Wu? It was as if he was here just for her . Were they… that close?

The tall teenager had deep-set features and looked stunning . His aura reminded one of the most superior rulers .

The slender teenage girl was a dazzling beauty whose charm could bring down an entire city .

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Standing there facing each other, they made the most stunning picture . When the wind blew, their clothes flapped in the air, giving them an ethereal feel .

It was such a beautiful picture…

Feng Liu, Yan Yan, Zuo Qingyu… and every other teenage girl in the yard found it an eyesore as they were all overwhelmed with jealousy!

That was so frustrating!

Sir Yan and Feng Yanfeng also exchanged looks .

Sir Yan: Feng Wu and the crown prince?

Feng Yanfeng: No way .

Sir Yan: But if it really is the case, and Feng Wu tells the crown prince on us?

Feng Yanfeng: We’ll have to adapt to the circumstances, then .

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Feng Yanfeng was already considering the possibility of Jun Linyuan standing up for Feng Wu . When that happened, he would have to think of a way to win Feng Wu back .

While everyone was coming up with their own speculations, Jun Linyuan spoke in an arrogant and taunting voice . “It’s you . Again . ”


That unmistakably impatient tone and contemptuous expression elated everyone in the yard!

Feng Wu smirked . “Shouldn’t I be the one to say that?”

Jun Linyuan darted a haughty look at Feng Wu . “You’ve been following me everywhere . Feng Wu, you just can’t live without me . ”

Wow —

The way Jun Linyuan put it!

It shocked everyone!

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The crown prince was as relentless as ever with his words!

Did he just admit that Feng Wu wouldn’t leave him alone?

So, Yan Yan was telling the truth!

Feng Wu was such a shameless girl!

Feng Wu almost choked at what Jun Linyuan said . For someone as level-headed as she was, she somehow always lost control when Jun Linyuan was around .

Feng Wu took a deep breath . “You’re a creepy narcissist, did you know that?”

Jun Linyuan didn’t let his face betray anything . He grabbed Feng Wu by her wrist . “Come with me!”

After that, he dragged Feng Wu away!

“Let go of me —”

Feng Wu stumbled on her feet and almost fell . However, Jun Linyuan was way too powerful for her to fight back, and Feng Wu had no choice but to be dragged away .

After they were a little distance away from the yard, Jun Linyuan looked down at Feng Wu . “What do you want?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Feng Wu raised her chin proudly .

“You wouldn’t have come here for no reason . ” Jun Linyuan kept his gaze on her . “What are you after?”

Feng Wu gritted her teeth and her eyes spat fire . The way she glared at Jun Linyuan reminded him of a grumpy little beast, which he found rather adorable . He almost felt like rubbing her head .

Ahem — Jun Linyuan coughed into his fist and the look in his eyes was indecipherable . “Tell me or… I’ll destroy anything you’re after . Mark my words . ”

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